Super-8mm Film for Audio/Visual Jukeboxes

The following titles in French and English language can be found as Super-8mm film for the French Cinématic 50 audio/visual jukeboxes made by Société Française de Radio Télévision. The research on Super-8mm film used in the audio/visuals is of course an ongoing process, and the editor hopes that this list of 166 titles so far will encourage collectors in America and of course in Europe to bring many more titles out into the open. Super-8mm for Cinématic 50 jukeboxes were made during the seventies until the early eighties, so it ought to be easy still to find and preserve such film clips as cultural and musical heritage. If the film number shown in parantheses has a CA-prefix (the first numbers on the list), it means the title could also originally be found on the CAMECA 16mm Scopitone reference and identification list. Enjoy the list below:

(CA-57) "Be Bop a Lula", Les Chaussettes Noires

(CA-75) "Twenty Flight Rock", Vince Taylor (Brian Maurice Holden)

(CA-96/r) "Twist S.N.C.F.", Henri Salvador (Henri Gabriel Salvador)

(CA-130) "Sherry", Les Chats Sauvages

(CA-133) "L'idole des jeunes", Johnny Halliday (Jean-Philippe Smet)

(CA-139) "Belles, Belles, Belles", Claude François

(CA-152) "Marche tout droit", Claude François

(CA-193) "La bougie", Fernand Raynaud

(CA-221) "Le plombier", Fernand Raynaud

(CA-280) "Les élucubrations", Antoine (Pierre-Antoine Muraccioli)

(CA-293) "La chatte a ma soeur", Fernand Raynaud

(CA-308) "(La) Génération perdue", Johnny Halliday (Jean-Philippe Smet)

(CA-340) "Papa, c'est ta java", André Verchuren

(CI-32) "Perfidia", Los Machucambos

(CI-109) "Loralie", Les Babs

(CI-150) "Meine Liebe Robert", Jacqueline Boyer

(CI-164) "Tout se passe dans les jeux", Dick Rivers (Hervé Fornieri)

(CI-165) (CA-301) "Bogota", Annie Cordy (Léonie Cooreman)

(CI-167) "Les filles d'aujourd'hui", Michel Sardou

(CI-168) "Ne bois pas comme un trou", André Verchuren

(CI-170) "Juanita Banana", Henri Salvador (Henri Gabriel Salvador)

(CI-173) "Mon crédo", Mireille Mathieu

(CI-174) "Qu'elle est belle", Mireille Mathieu

(CI-178) "Ou est donc la vérité", Enrico Macias (Gaston Ghrenassia)

(CI-179) "La Marie Joconde", Mick Mychel

(CI-180) "These Boots are Made for Walking", Les Ringards

(CI-181) "Run for Your Love", Les Ringards

(CI-182) (CA-402) "L'important quand", Les Ballets Roger Stefani

(CI-183) Merci, chérie", Udo Jürgens (Udo Jürgen Bockelmann)

(CI-184) "Le travail, c'est la santé", Henri Salvador (Henri Gabriel Salvador)

(CI-203) "Le raciste", Fernand Raynaud

(CI-204) "La fromage de Hollande", Fernand Raynaud

(CI-257) "I Want You to be My Baby", Les Ballets Roger Stefani

(CI-292) "Les oeufs cassés", Fernand Raynaud

(CI-299) (CA-414) "Je te veux", Johnny Halliday (Jean-Philippe Smet)

(CI-374) "On dit", Les Ballets Jacquemin

(CI-375) (CA-422) "Let Me Love, Let Me Live", Aphrodite's Child (with Demis Roussos and Vangelis)

(CI-384) "Rythmes Gitans", Manitas de Plata

(CI-401) "Please", unknown artist

(CI-549 (CA-76) "Paso Cha Cha", Line Renaud

(CI-708/r) "Aux talons de ses souliers", Enrico Macias (Gaston Ghrenassia)

(CI-718) "Le p'tit bal du samedi soir", Maurice Larcange

(CI-721) "Hyper Sex", Les Ballets Jackson

(CI-722) "Fiesta Hippie", Les Ballets Jackson

(CI-726) "La prévention routière", Fernand Raynaud

(CI-727) "Tonton pourquoi tu tousses", Fernand Raynaud

(CI-744) "Sex Machine", James Brown

(CI-753) "C'est facile", Eddy Mitchell (Claude Moine)

(CI-1031) "Mangala", Les Filles des Indes

(CI-1032) "Mangala", Les Filles des Indes

(CI-1033) "Mangala", Les Filles des Indes

(CI-2034) "Chinese Kung-Fu", Les Claudettes

(CI-2037) "Melisa", Enrico Macias (Gaston Ghrenassia)

(CI-2038) "Malheur à celui qui blesse un enfant", Enrico Macias (Gaston Ghrenassia)

(CI-3008) "Rockollection No. 1", Laurent Voulzy

(CI-3009) "Rockollection No. 2", Laurent Voulzy

(CI-3016) "Bubble Star I", Laurent Voulzy

(CI-3017) "Bubble Star II", Laurent Voulzy

(CI-3018) "Heaven", The Gibson Brothers

(CI-3019) "Thank You For The Music", ABBA

(CI-3020) "Eagle", ABBA

(CI-3021) "American Generation", The Ritchie Family

(CI-3022) "I Feel Disco-Good", The Ritchie Family

(CI-3025) "Just The Way You Are", Billy Joel

(CI-3027) "Summer Night City", ABBA

(CI-3028) "Bat Out of Hell, II", Meat Loaf

(CI-3029) "Bat Out of Hell, III", Meat Loaf

(CI-3030) "Bat Out of Hell, IV", Meat Loaf

(CI-3031) "Y.M.C.A.", Village People

(CI-5000) "Ma Baker", Boney M

(CI-5002) "Daddy Cool", Boney M

(CI-5003) "I Can't Stand The Rain", Eruption

(CI-5004) "Rough Diamond", Madleen Kane

(CI-5005) "Magic Fly", Space

(CI-5006) "Magnolias Forever", Claude François

(CI-5007) "Alexandrie Alexandra", Claude François

(CI-5009) "Rivers of Babylon", Boney M

(CI-5011) "Génération 1978, I", Dalida (Yolande Christine Gigliotti)

(CI-5012) "Génération 1978, II", Dalida (Yolande Christine Gigliotti)

(CI-5015) "Supernature", Cerrone

(CI-5016) "You Light My Fire", Sheila (Annie Chancel)

(CI-5017) "Give Me Love", Cerrone

(CI-5019) "Rasputin", Boney M

(CI-5020) "Sweet Melody", Karen Cheryl

(CI-5024) "Spatial Disco", The Moon Birds

(CI-5027) "Sing To Me, Mama", Karen Cheryl

(CI-5028) "Airport", Motors

(CI-5029) "Souvenirs", Voyage

(CI-5030) "Let's Fly Away", Voyage

(CI-5031) "New York City", Darts

(CI-5033) "The Lambeth Walk", Dalida (Yolande Christina Gigliotti)

(CI-5035) "Seven Lonely Days", Sheila (Annie Chancel)

(CI-5036) "Knock On Wood", Amii Stewart

(CI-5038) "Uma mocha chorava", Linda de Suza

(CI-5040) "You Make Me Feel", Sylvester

(CI-5041) "In The Navy", Village People

(CI-5042) "Cuba", The Gibson Brothers

(CI-5043) "I'm a Man", Macho

(CI-5044) "(It's a) Holi Holiday", Boney M

(CI-5045) "Get Dancing", Bombers

(CI-5047) "My Guns Are Loaded", Bonnie Tyler (Gaynor Hopkins)

(CI-5048) "It's a Heartache", Bonnie Tyler (Gaynor Hopkins)

(CI-5049) "The Freak", Chic

(CI-5050) "I, Who Have Nothing", Sylvester

(CI-5053) "Golden Gate", Jonasz & Golden Gate

(CI-5054) "Miss You", The Rolling Stones

(CI-5055) "Santa Maria", Mireille Mathieu

(CI-5056) "Vampire Rock", Shaking Street

(CI-5057) "Picture This", Blondie

(CI-5059) "Il ne rentre pas ce soir", Eddy Mitchell (Claude Moine)

(CI-5060) "Too Much Heaven", The Bee Gees

(CI-5061) "Grease", Frankie Valli

(CI-5062) "J'ecoute de la musique saoule", Françoise Hardy

(CI-5063) "Europa", Santana

(CI-5064) "Boogie Wonderland", Earth, Wind and Fire

(CI-5065) "Pop Music", "M"

(CI-5066) "Shine a Little Love", Electric Light Orchestra

(CI-5067) "Wild West Heroes", Electric Light Orchestra

(CI-5068) "Red Hot", Taka Boom

(CI-5069) "Night Dancing", Taka Boom

(CI-5070) "Here I Am", Bonnie Tyler (Gaynor Hopkins)

(CI-5071) "R.A.F.", John Miles

(CI-5072) "Dancing Shoes", Claudja Barry

(CI-5073) "Can't Keep a Good Man", John Miles

(CI-5074) "Olympic Runner", Bitch

(CI-5076) "One Way Ticket", Eruption

(CI-5077) "Blue", Angeleri

(CI-5078) "Monday, Tuesday", Dalida (Yolande Christine Gigliotti)

(CI-5079) "The Logical Song", Supertramp

(CI-5080) "Goodbye Stranger", Supertramp

(CI-5081) "Breakfast in America", Supertramp

(CI-5082) "Whatever You Want", Status Quo

(CI-5083) "Honesty", Billy Joel

(CI-5084) "Ring My Bell", Anita Ward

(CI-5085) "Denis", Blondie

(CI-5086) "Jealousy", Amii Stewart

(CI-5087) "Under Fire", Clout

(CI-5088) "Getting Closer", The Wings

(CI-5089) "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", Queen

(CI-5090) "Spacer", Sheila (Annie Chancel)

(CI-5091) "Video Killed The Radio Star", Buggles

(CI-5092) "Another Brick In The Wall", Pink Floyd

(CI-5093) "Can't Stand Loosing You", The Police

(CI-6001) "Stop The Cavalry", Jona Lewie

(CI-6002) "Stray Cat Strut", Stray Cats

(CI-6003) "Rock Hard", Suzi Quatro

(CI--) "Mourir ou vivre", Hervè Vilard

(CI--) "Baby Your Time", Vigon

(CI--) "Harlem Shuffle", Vigon

(CI--) "What to Say", The Golden Hands

(GDR-3) "Reine de musette", Maurice Larcange

(GDR-9) "Tube-le-le", Roberto Seto

(GDR-15) "Garçon, remettez-nous ça", Aimable

(GDR-20) "Mystérieuse", Maurice Vittenet

(GDR-22) "Long Tall Sally", Vince Taylor (Brian Maurice Holden)

(GDR-23) "Reincarnation Rag", Claude Luter

(GDR-31) "La lei", Lecuana Cuban Boys

(GDR-37) "Est-ce que tu ie sais", Dick Rivers (Hervé Fornieri)

(GDR-45) "Carolina Shout", Claude Luter

(GDR-55) "Let's Twist Again", The Viscounts

(GDR-57) "Pollo e Champagne", Les Soeurs (Gemelle) Kessler (Alice and Ellen Kessler)

(GDR-65) "Dernier baiser", Nancy Holloway

(GDR-70) "Adiu mon pays", Enrico Macias (Gaston Ghrenassia)

(GDR-73) "Da Dou Ron Ron", Frank Alamo (Jean-François Grandin)

(GDR-75) "Avant toi", Nana Mouskouri (Joanna Mouskouri)

(US--) "The Race Is On", Jody Miller

If you find more French or English Super-8mm film titles in your own collections, please do share the information with others, so that we can all get better lists for the future. In addition to the above a list of special Super-8mm (and 16mm) with Arabic titles can be found here. It seems the Arabic titels were mainly found in film jukeboxes operated in the suburbs of major cities, where people from Algeria settled during and especially after the armed conflict (the war of independence) of 1954 through 1962, but also quite a few boxes were, so it seems, operated for more than a decade in Northern Africa. Valuable information about the Super-8mm film clips was recorded years ago by the 'Club des Annees 60' in France, but also in this case a lot of research is needed to complete the list. Therefore, please share your knowledge with other collectors and of course with the editor of this website.

Gert J. Almind