Scoop-a-Tunes for Audio/Visual Jukeboxes

It has been an interesting task for the editor as an amateur historian to look for and register the musical and cultural heritage of the sixties captured in the wonderful 16mm scoop-a-tunes made mainly in France and the USA, but also some made in Germany, England, and even in Canada. Some of the film strips used in the second generation audio/visual jukeboxes, nicknamed 'see-hear jukes', that followed the impressive 8-film 'reverse-title' Mills (Model MI-1340) Panoram machines of the forties, were really fantastic forerunners of what we know today as modern, promoting music videos so essential to both the music industry and the rock-pop artistsBelow you find a list of 16mm film titles combined with the names of artists known to the editor. At the moment there are 1,077 titles on the list, and the listed tunes are mainly Scopitone recordings (magnetic sound) plus a few made for Color-Sonics Inc. alias National Company Inc. based in New York, and also quite a few made especially for the 'reverse title' Cinebox machines (optical sound). In the sixties there were quite a few film production companies like Harman-ee Productions owned by Debbie Reynolds in Hollywood, Kelmar Film Productions Inc. in New York, Parkside Productions in East Tilbury east of London, and Film Vision Ltd., De Lane Lea Studios, in central London, all specialized in making good quality 16mm's for the audio/visual jukeboxes. Furthermore, it is known today that at least one film was produced at the Shepperton Studios in Littleton south-west of London in 1963, but which one is unfortunately not known to the editor. In Italy a series of 16mm film (optical sound) were made at the Cinelandia studios in Cologno Monzese, a north-eastern suburb to Milan, in the period 1961-1964. Those film clips with Italian artists were made for the company S.I.F., Società Internazionale Fonovisione S.P.A., the maker of the Cinebox machines. Also, it is known from reliable sources that 16mm scoop-a-tunes were either produced or at least distributed in the late sixties by independent companies in America like Continental Cinema (D-prefix), Satellite Films (F-prefix), and Cameron Films International owned by Jack Cameron Gordon of Tel-A-Sign (C-prefix), but unfortunately the editor knows very little about those film number series. However, the special prefix series seem to have been used mainly if not only on the American market and not in Europe.

The main French production of 16mm audio/visual jukeboxes, the 36-selection Scopitone ST-16 and ST-36 models, took place at CAMECA in Courbevoie, later in Saint-Denis, both suburbs to Paris, and the 28-selection Caravelle Tele-Box was produced by CIFA with main offices in the 14th district of Paris. The 36-selection Scopitone 450, however, was produced a little later on license by Tel-A-Sign Inc. in Chicago, and the Color-Sonic machines were produced in Melrose, Massachusetts, by the National Company Inc., also known as Color-Sonics Inc., with main offices in New York. The competitive 'reverse title' 40-selection Cinebox machines were mainly produced at the facilities owned by Società Internazionale Fonovisione S.P.A. in Milan, Italy, but the Cinebox was also known as Cinevision or Colorama in America, and marketed in the States by Intersphere Development Corp., which was an affiliation of the Estey Electronics Inc.. Added to the high-quality production of 16mm's came also special productions of Super-8mm film until the mid or maybe even the late seventies for the 50-selection Cinématic 50 models made by Société Française de Radio Télévision located in Montreuil near Vincennes a little east of the French capital. The first of the Cinématic models was in fact a 28-selection Cinématic for 16mm (magnetic sound), and the following more successful 'see-hear juke' for Super-8mm film was then officially named Cinématic 50. The Cinématic audio/visuals were introduced in America by Defiance Industries Inc., but the 50-selection model was mainly operated in France and the French speaking parts of Northern Africa (the old colonies).

Below the 16mm film numbers are shown in parentheses, and it is important to mention here that film with S-prefix were made using the Technicolor process (the American production, except the first four numbers), and that the others (the main French production at the Éclair studios in Épinay-sur-Seine) were made using Eastman stock, which get a reddish tone over the years if not stored cold. The A-prefix (equal to CA-prefix) shows that the titles were on the reference and identification list of CAMECA, and distributed worldwide from France. In addition 23 film clips with Québecois artists were produced locally in Canada by Scopitone Canada Inc. headed by Gérard Thibault (1917-2003). Film numbers with other prefix than the American S- or the original French A- (same as CA-) are considered to be European specials, test recordings, or in some cases film clips made or distributed by independent American companies (see above), but the research on those is not yet completed. The AD-prefix, by the way, shows that the film were mainly used on the German market, and most of those film clips were finished with sing-back at the Bavaria Film GmbH studio in Munich. Film numbers ending with -K show that they were made by Kelmar Film Productions Inc. in New York, and it is known that most of the film made for the Color-Sonic machines were made at the Paramount Studios in Hollywood. The name Scopitone should, which is quite interesting, be seen as an amalgam of the two Greek words scopein and tonos meaning to observe and the way musical notes come together and move apart on a scale. Finally, it should be mentioned here, that some of the very early film strips in black/white, or some in colour, used for the first series of Scopitone ST-16 machines in France were produced by Pathé Marconi. Those early scoop-a-tunes had no film numbers, and they were made before the 19th September, 1960, which is said to be the first recording day of the real Scopitone production at the Éclair studios in Épinay-sur-Seine near Paris. Also some of the first film clips with A-prefix (or CA-prefix) were made in the spring and summer of 1960 at the Éclair studios, and then included on the CAMECA reference and identification list. The famous Éclair film studios were established on the 22nd April, 1907, and have for decades been very important facilities for the French film industry. It seems, by the way, that all the 'reverse title' film for the Cinebox machines were made using Kodak Safety stock, but a catalog of those film titles is not yet completed. Enjoy the list of special 16mm scoop-a-tunes below:

Film for Scopitone ST-16, ST-36, and 450:

(A-1) Gloria Lasso (Rosa Coscolin Figueras) "Vénus"

(A-2) Gloria Lasso (Rosa Coscolin Figueras) "Muchas Gracias"

(A-3) Georges Ulmer (Jørgen Frederik Ulmer) "Ping Pong Li"

(A-4) Georges Ulmer (Jørgen Frederik Ulmer) "L'homme du bar"

(A-5) Annie Cordy (Léonie Cooreman) "Frenchie"

(A-6) Annie Cordy (Léonie Cooreman) "Salade de fruits"

(A-7) Marie‑Hélène "La caga"

(A-8) Marie‑Hélène "Truddie"

(A-9) Frank Gérald "Si ton destin"

(A-10) Rita Cadillac "Y'en avait qu'un comme ça"

(A-11) El Garayo "El Matador"

(A-12) Georges Guétary "Les papous"

(A-13) Les Barclay's "Pour ton amour"

(A-14) Rita Cadillac "C'est fou"

(A-15) Jacques Helian et son Orchestre "Qu'il fait bon vivre"

(A-16) Jacques Helian et son Orchestre "Chi Chi Honolulu"

(A-17) Jackie Laurence "Si tu veux que je t'aime"

(A-18) Les Barclay's "1, 2, 3, je t'aime"

(A-19) Mathé Altéry "Comme au premier jour"

(A-20) Jean Constantin "La petite Angine"

(A-21) Les Soeurs Kessler (Alice and Ellen Kessler) "Bons baisers à bientôt"

(A-22) Henri Salvador (Henri Gabriel Salvador) "Faut rigoler"

(A-23) Richard Anthony "Clêmentine"

(A-24) Claude Luter "Danger Blues"

(A-25) Alan Gate "Les célibataires"

(A-26) Dominique & Georges Jouvin et son Orchestre "Le danseur de charleston"

(A-27) Pacquinet Vasseur "Ce vieux piano là"

(A-28) Le Groupe J.M.S. "Papa aime maman"

(A-29) Johnny Halliday (Jean‑Philippe Smet) "J'suis mordu"

(A-30) Johnny Halliday (Jean‑Philippe Smet) "Laisse les filles"

(A-31) Claude Luter "Creole Dance"

(A-32) Delta Rhythm Boys "So High, So Wide, So Low"

(A-33) Delta Rhythm Boys "Come Softly to Me"

(A-34) Luis Mariano "Amour je te dois"

(A-35) Dominique & Georges Jouvin et son Orchestre "L'amour est dans ta rue"

(A-36) Georges Jouvin et son Orchestre "Les enfants du Pirée"

(A-37) J. Amyel et J. Chazôt "Paysage"

(A-38) John William "Black Boy"

(A-39) Claude Goaty "Premier bal"

(A-40) Les Guaranis "La fête des fleurs"

(A-41) Johnny Halliday (Jean‑Philippe Smet) "Oui, j'ai"

(A-42) Édouard Duleu et son Ensemble "Les oiseaux s'amusent"

(A-43) Maya Casablanca "Garde moi la derniere danse"

(A-44) Jean Constantin "Dibilibilim"

(A-45) John William "Le bleu de l'été"

(A-46) Richard Anthony "Itsy bitsy petit bikini"

(A-47) Jean Constantin "Le Pacha"

(A-48) Henri Salvador's Orchestre "Allô Brigitte (Babylone 21‑29)"

(A-49) Mistigri "Rue de Lappe"

(A-50) Harold Nicholas "Je ne veux pas rentrere chez moi"

(A-51) Johnny Halliday (Jean‑Philippe Smet) "Une boum chez John"

(A-52) Jacqueline François "A Shanghai ou ailleurs"

(A-53) André Dassary "La ballade d'Alamo"

(A-54) Jacqueline Boyer "Tom Pillibi"

(A-55) André Verchuren "Les fiancés d'Auvergne"

(A-56) Los Machucambos "Pepito"

(A-57) Les Chaussettes Noires "Be Bop a Lula"

(A-58) Pétula Clark "Marin"

(A-59) Jean‑Claude Pascal "Nous les amoureux"

(A-60) Colette Déréal "Tu nous feras danser"

(A-61) Line Renaud "Vacances en Italie"

(A-62) Aimable "La java de la Varenne"

(A-63) Georges Jouvin et son Orchestre "Wagadou Rock"

(A-64) Rika Zaraï "Exodus"

(A-65) Henri Salvador (Henri Gabriel Salvador) "Cid Rock"

(A-66) Les Chaussettes Noires "Je t'aime trop"

(A-67) Pétula Clark "Calcutta"

(A-68) Colette Déréal "Tu dors"

(A-69) Line Renaud "Mon amour"

(A-70) Henri Gênes "Fatigue de naissance"

(A-71) Georges Jouvin et son Orchestre "Ain't She Sweet"

(A-72) Henri Salvador (Henri Gabriel Salvador) "Bon Voyage"

(A-73) Paola (Paola Felix) "Les criquets"

(A-74) François Deguelt "Quand on s'aimait tant"

(A-75) Vince Taylor (Brian Maurice Holden) (& His Playboys) "Twenty Flight Rock"

(A-76) Line Renaud "Paso Cha Cha"

(A-77) Dalida (Yolande Christina Gigliotti) "Plus loin que la terre"

(A-78) Los Arcalson "Amor, Amor"

(A-79) Marcel Azzola "Non esiste l'amour"

(A-80) Nancy Holloway "Dum Dum Twist"

(A-81) John William "Le voyageur sans étoile"

(A-82) Vince Taylor (Brian Maurice Holden) (& His Playboys) "Shakin' All Over"

(A-83) Juliette Gréco "C'était bien (Bal perdu)"

(A-84) Boby Lapointe (Robert Lapointe) "Aragon et Castille"

(A-85) Isabelle Aubret (Thérèse Coquerelle) "Rêve, mon rêve"

(A-86) Juliette Gréco "Jolie môme"

(A-87) Marcel Azzola "Reproche"

(A-88) Nino de Murcia "El Emigrante"

(A-89) Joel Holmes "Jean Marie de Pantin"

(A-90) Dalida (Yolande Christina Gigliotti) "Loin de vous"

(A-91) René‑Louis Lafforgue "Rue de l'echaude"

(A-92) Isabelle Aubret (Thérèse Coquerelle) "Si mon amour"

(A-93) Les Dangers "Leçon de twist"

(A-94) Yvette Horner "Les nocturnes"

(A-95) Dalida (Yolande Christina Gigliotti) "Je t'aimerai toujours"

(A-96) Henri Salvador (Henri Gabriel Salvador) "Twist S.N.C.F."

(A-97) Johnny Rockfeller et ses Rockchild "J'aime pas le rock"

(A-98) Yvette Horner "En glissant"

(A-99) Audrey Arno "La Pachanga"

(A-100) Les Pirates "Dany"

(A-101) Pepe Luiz "Melody in Cha Cha"

(A-102) Danyel Gérard "Le petit Gonzales (Speedy Gonzales)"

(A-103) Vince Taylor (Brian Maurice Holden) (& His Playboys) "Peppermint Twist"

(A-104) Pierre Perrin "Un clair de lune à Maubeuge"

(A-105) Orlando (Bruno Gigliotti) (Dalida's brother) "Le chemin de la joie"

(A-106) Jacques Brel (Jacques Romain Georges Brel) "Madeleine"

(A-107) Elga Andersen "Et maintenant"

(A-108) Sylvie Vartan "Est‑ce que tu ie sais?" (NN‑010)

(A-109) Richard Anthony "Ya Ya Twist"

(A-110) André Rivet et Orchestre Folklorique "La Tricontada"

(A-111) Los Arcalson "Esperanza"

(A-112) Jacques Brel (Jacques Romain Georges Brel) "Rosa"

(A-113) André Verchuren "Au plaisir des bois"

(A-114) Mistigri "La plus bath des javas"

(A-115) Lény Escudero "Pour une amourette"

(A-116) Richard Anthony "Fiche le camp, Jack"

(A-117) Vince Taylor (Brian Maurice Holden) (& His Playboys) "There's a Lot of Twisting Going On"

(A-118) Les Soeurs Kessler (Alice and Ellen Kessler) "Quando Quando"

(A-119) Glenn Jack & Les Glenners "Zizi, la twisteuse"

(A-120) Félix Marten "La Rigolade"

(A-121) Claude Bolling "Madison Time"

(A-122) André Verchuren "Ah! Si j'étais restè célibataire"

(A-123) Silvana Blasi "Les babouches à Bouddha"

(A-124) Sylvie Vartan "Locomotion"

(A-125) Dalida (Yolande Christina Gigliotti) "Le jour le plus long"

(A-126) Édouard Duleu et son Ensemble "Le tango de la biere"

(A-127) Los Colombianos "La Bamba"

(A-128) Johnny Halliday (Jean‑Philippe Smet) "Pas cette chanson"

(A-129) Claude Nougaro "Le jazz et la java"

(A-130) Les Chats Sauvages "Sherry"

(A-131) Sacha Distel "Ting Toung (Viens dancer la Bossa Nova)"

(A-132) Johnny Halliday (Jean‑Philippe Smet) & The Golden Stars "C'est le mash potatoes"

(A-133) Johnny Halliday (Jean‑Philippe Smet) "L'idole des jeunes"

(A-134) Danyel Gérard "Youpi ya t'amoure" (NN‑007)

(A-135) André Brocoletti "Les comédiens"

(A-136) Audrey Arno "La collège anglais"

(A-137) Françoise Hardy "Tous les garçons et les filles"

(A-138) Les Ballets Moulin Rouge "Le Can Can Française"

(A-139) Claude François "Belles, Belles, Belles"

(A-140) Eddie Vartan (Sylvie's brother) "Telstar"

(A-141) Fernandel (Fernand Joseph Déciré Contandin) "Ah! Le tango corse"

(A-142) Dominique & Georges Jouvin et son Orchestre "Dans le train de nuit"

(A-143) Aimable et Zappy Max "Elle s'était fait couper les cheveux"

(A-144) Les Tornados "Robot"

(A-145) Francis Linel "Le Cha Cha"

(A-146) El Trumpet Gitana ‑ Léo Vidal "El Gato Montes (The Wildcat)"

(A-147) Annie Cordy (Léonie Cooreman) "Le bal à tonton"

(A-148) Colette Magny "Basin Street Blues"

(A-149) Les Brutos (with Aldo Maccione) "My Prayer"

(A-150) Sheila (Annie Chancel) "L'école est finie"

(A-151) Los Machucambos "Granada"

(A-152) Claude François "Marche tout droit"

(A-153) Françoise Hardy "Comme tant d'autres"

(A-154) Sacha Distel "C'est pas vrai"

(A-155) Les Fantômes "Loop de Loop"

(A-156) Nancy Holloway "Good Good Lovin'"

(A-157) Rika Zaraï "Tournez manèges"

(A-158) Sylvie Vartan "Twiste et chante"

(A-159) Johnny Halliday (Jean‑Philippe Smet) "Jamais plus je ne danserai"

(A-160) Danyel Gérard "Je t'aime tant"

(A-161) Pierre Vassiliu "La femme du sergent"

(A-162) Paul Anka "Remember Diana"

(A-163) Françoise Hardy "Saurai je"

(A-164) Pétula Clark "Elle est fini la belle histoire"

(A-165) Line Renaud "Le Hully Gully"

(A-166) Pétula Clark "Be Good To Me"

(A-167) Jean Segurel "Bruyères Corréziennes"

(A-168) Tiny Yong "Tais toi, petite folle"

(A-169) Les Gam's "Oui, les filles" (NN‑011)

(A-170) Enrico Macias (Gaston Ghrenassia) "Enfants de tous pays"

(A-171) Dion (Dion Francis DiMucci) "Ruby Baby"

(A-172) Lucky Blondo "L'autre nuit"

(A-173) Nino de Murcia "El Soldado de Levita"

(A-174) John William "La grande évasion"

(A-175) Les Surfs "Ce garçon"

(A-176) Tiny Yong & Henri Salvador (Henri Gabriel Salvador) "Un seul garçon sur la terre"

(A-177) Dario Moreno "La Marmite"

(A-178) Johnny Halliday (Jean‑Philippe Smet) "Pour moi la vie va commencer"

(A-179) Les Surfs "Si j'avais un marteau"

(A-180) André Verchuren "Le petit chapeau tyrolien"

(A-181) Sylvie Vartan "Si je chante"

(A-182) Henri Salvador (Henri Gabriel Salvador) "Le Martien"

(A-183) Jacques Courtois "Les poils du nez"

(A-184) Danyel Gérard "America"

(A-185) Fernand Raynaud "Le timbre à 0,25 F"

(A-186) Henri Salvador (Henri Gabriel Salvador) "Minnie, petite souris"

(A-187) Sheila (Annie Chancel) "Le sifflet des copains"

(A-188) Les Ballets Africains "Doun Doun Ba"

(A-189) Sacha Distel "Où ça où ça"

(A-190) Henri Salvador (Henri Gabriel Salvador) "Tout ça c'est pas grave"

(A-191) Alain Barrière (Alain Bellec) "La Marie Joconde"

(A-192) Dario Moreno "Un poncho et un sombrero"

(A-193) Fernand Raynaud "La bougie"

(A-194) Enrico Macias (Gaston Ghrenassia) "Paris tu m'as pris dans tes bras"

(A-195) Les Ballets Africains "Bagataï"

(A-196) Colette Renard "Ah! Dis‑donc, dis‑donc"

(A-197) Rika Zaraï "Hava Naguila"

(A-198) Claude François "Chaque jour c'est la même chose"

(A-199) Conrad Prindel "Snappez à mes côtés"

(A-200) Mathé Altéry "Frou Frou"

(A-201) Tiny Yong & Henri Salvador (Henri Gabriel Salvador) "Mon chien à moi"

(A-202) Pétula Clark "Pour ceux qui ont un coeur"

(A-203) Michel Legrand "I Love Paris"

(A-204) Pedro de Linares "Fandango de Malaga"

(A-205) Betty Claire "Scopitone Party"

(A-206) Henri Salvador (Henri Gabriel Salvador) "Zorro est arrivé"

(A-207) Hugues Aufray "Dès qui le printemps revient"

(A-208) Zizi Jeanmaire "Mon truc en plumes"

(A-209) Marc de Loutchec et son Orchestre "Kalinka"

(A-210) Henri Salvador (Henri Gabriel Salvador) "Avec la bouche"

(A-211) Roger Nicolas "Le client est roi"

(A-212) Roger Nicolas "La contravention"

(A-213) France Gall (Isabelle Gall) "La cloche"

(A-214) Carlos Aragon "Viva el macho"

(A-215) Danyel Gérard "D'accord, d'accord"

(A-216) France Gall (Isabelle Gall) "Laisse tomber les filles"

(A-217) Édouard Duleu et son Ensemble "La marche des Vendanges"

(A-218) The Dolly Brothers "Hello Dolly"

(A-219) Aimable "Le dénicheur"

(A-220) Fernand Raynaud "Et v'lan, passe moi l'éponge"

(A-221) Fernand Raynaud "Le plombier"

(A-222) Miguel Cordoba "Abronzatissima (Overexposure)"

(A-223) Les Surfs "Sacré Josh"

(A-224) John Foster "Amore, scusa me"

(A-225) Les Surfs "Adieu marin"

(A-226) Miguel Cordoba "Loukoum, the Belly Dancer"

(A-227) Dalida (Yolande Christina Gigliotti) "Je n'ai jamais plus t'oublier"

(A-228) Monty "Tchick Tchang"

(A-229) Mistigri "Nini Peau d'chien"

(A-230) André Verchuren "La noce à Jules"

(A-231) Sylvie Vartan "Je voudrais etre un garçon"

(A-232) Guy Bedos "Bonne fête Paulette"

(A-233) Dalida (Yolande Christina Gigliotti) "Viva la pappa"

(A-234) Catherine Rivera Elia "Goldfinger"

(A-235) Salvatore Adamo "La nuit"

(A-236) Rogier Pierre & Jean-Marc Thibaut "Y'a un truc"

(A-237) Miguel Cordoba "Olé Cordobes"

(A-238) Guy Mardel "N'avoue jamais"

(A-239) Marcel Amont (Marcel Jean-Pierre Balthazar Miramont) "La Jaguar"

(A-240) Pierre Repp "La machine à laver"

(A-241) Myriam Michelson "Letkiss"

(A-242) Marcel Amont (Marcel Jean-Pierre Balthazar Miramont) "Po Po Dis"

(A-243) Pierre Perret "Toutes comme ça"

(A-244) Alain Nancey "La noce à Marissou"

(A-245) Martine Cerdan "La chanson du pirate"

(A-246) Claude Bolling & Les Parisiennes "Il fait trop beau pour travailler"

(A-247) Liz Brady "Comme tu es jeune"

(A-248) Nana Mouskouri (Joanna Mouskouri) "La lune rousse"

(A-249) Jean Segurel "Per bien la danser"

(A-250) Le Trio Athenée "Strosse to Stromassou (Zorba)"

(A-251) Philippe Clay "Je suis sous"

(A-252) Johnny Halliday (Jean‑Philippe Smet) "Quand revient la nuit"

(A-253) Jo Privat (Georges Privat) "Le bal à Jo"

(A-254) Gilbert Bécaud (François Silly) "Nathalie"

(A-255) Christian Marin "Si je pouvais dire zut à mon patron"

(A-256) Johnny Halliday (Jean‑Philippe Smet) "Mes yeux sont fous"

(A-257) Salvatore Adamo "Mes mains sur tes hanches"

(A-258) Guy Marchand "La Passionata"

(A-259) Josette Joubert "Ça c'est Paris"

(A-260) Le Groupe Folklorique "Jean‑François de Nantes"

(A-261) Les Surfs "Le scandale dans la famille"

(A-262) Hervé Vilard "Capri c'est fini"

(A-263) François Deguelt "Le ciel, le soleil et la mer"

(A-264) Enrico Macias (Gaston Ghrenassia) "Mon coeur d'attache"

(A-265) Frank Alamo (Jean-François Grandin) "Sing, c'est la vie"

(A-266) Pierre Doris "Le crime de l'affreux Jojo"

(A-267) Christophe (Daniel Bevilacqua) "Les marionnettes"

(A-268) Marcel Amont (Marcel Jean-Pierre Balthazar Miramont) "Maria et le pot au lait"

(A-269) Guy Marchand "(La) Rumba"

(A-270) Annie Cordy (Léonie Cooreman) "Six Roses"

(A-271) Les Brutos (a L'Olympia) "Summer Time (Besame Mucho)"

(A-272) Benny Bennett "(Pepe Zanito) Mambo"

(A-273) Marcel Amont (Marcel Jean-Pierre Balthazar Miramont) "Le roi du Texas"

(A-274) Christian Marin "Le professeur de gymnastique"

(A-275) Hervé Vilard "Mourir ou vivre"

(A-276) Alain Barrière (Alain Bellec) "Les guinguettes"

(A-277) France Gall (Isabelle Gall) "Baby pop"

(A-278) Henri Salvador (Henri Gabriel Salvador) "Juanita Banana"

(A-279) Frank Alamo (Jean-François Grandin) "Sur un dernier signe de la mains"

(A-280) Antoine (Pierre‑Antoine Muraccioli) "Les élucubrations"

(A-281) Franck Pourcel et son Orchestre "La danse du feu"

(A-282) Hugues Aufray "Les crayons de couleur"

(A-283) Enrico Macias (Gaston Ghrenassia) "Non, je n'ai pas oublié"

(A-284) Annie Philippe "Le ticket de quai"

(A-285) Marcel Amont (Marcel Jean-Pierre Balthazar Miramont) "Tigresse"

(A-286) Valérie Lagrange "Moitié ange, moitié bête"

(A-287) Mireille Mathieu "Pourquoi, mon amour"

(A-288) Nino Ferrer (Agostino Ferrari) "Oh! Eh hein bon"

(A-289) Les Brutos "Imitations"

(A-290) Les 5 Gentlemen "Cara‑Lin"

(A-291) Fernand Reynaud "Le tailleur"

(A-292) Henri Salvador (Henri Gabriel Salvador) "Veunise"

(A-293) Antoine (Pierre‑Antoine Muraccioli) "Un éléphant me regarde"

(A-294) Michel Polnareff "Love Me, Please Love Me" (C-100)

(A-295) Ricardo "Étrangers dans la nuit" (C-101)

(A-296) Pierre Perret "Les jolies colonies de vacances"

(A-297) Francis Blanche et Pierre Dac "Le Fakir, 1ère partie"

(A-298) Francis Blanche et Pierre Dac "Le Fakir, 2è partie"

(A-299) Raymond Lefèvre "La vie parisienne"

(A-300) Gerard La Viny et son Orchestre Antillais "Ba moin un tibo"

(A-301) Annie Cordy (Léonie Cooreman) "Bogota"

(A-302) Christian Marin et Roger Delaporte "Catch" (SE‑112)

(A-303) Christophe (Daniel Bevilacqua) "J'ai entendu la mer"

(A-304) John William "La chanson de Lara"

(A-305) Jean Valton "L'imitation de vitesse"

(A-306) Johnny Halliday (Jean‑Philippe Smet) "Noir, c'est noir"

(A-307) Jeanne Moreau "Où vas tu Mathilda?"

(A-308) Johnny Halliday (Jean‑Philippe Smet) "(La) Génération perdue"

(A-309) Les Bluebell Girls et Olivier Despax "Ça m'plait"

(A-310) Jacques Dutronc "Les Play‑Boys"

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(CX-109) Betty Mars "La chevalière d'amour II"

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(A-347) John William "La dernière valse"

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(A-351) Roger Couderc "Rugby, France ‑ All Blacks II"

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(A-428) David Alexandre Winter "A quel printemps viendras‑tu ma belle"

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(A-430) Monty "Vivre d'amour"

(A-431) John William "L'or de mon jardin"

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(A-437) Pierre Dac et Paul Prebois "Le journal de l'ortifen, 1ère partie"

(A-438) Pierre Dac et Paul Prebois "Le journal de l'ortifen, 2è partie"

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(A-440) Daniel Guichard "Parce que je suis né à Panama"

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(A-446) Enrico Macias (Gaston Ghrenassia) "Dix ans déjà"

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(A-452) Les Charlots "Sois érotique"

(A-453) Jacques Dutronc "Soyons Gaulois"

(AD-1) Heidi Brühl "Wenn du mir auch noch so schöne Augen machst"

(AD-2) Vivi Bach (Vivi Bak) "Das Süße Leben (La Dolce Vita)" (NN‑001)

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(AD-5) artist/group unknown "Eblisse Twist" (Italian song)

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(AD-12) Die Tahiti Tamoures "Winni Winni, Wanna Wanna"

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(AD-20) Teddy Parker (Claus Herwig) "Copa Cabana"

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(AD-22) Lill Babs (Barbro Svensson) "(Yes,) Mister Superman" (with Peter Kraus as a charming biker)

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(AD-24) Helmut Zacharias "Making Whoopee"

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(AD-30) Heidi Brühl "Keiner wie du"

(AD-31) Peter Beil "Alexis Zorba's Sirtaki"

(AD-32) Heidi Brühl "Dreh dich um"

(AD-33) Willy Hagara "Mach aus mir keinen Engel"

(AD--) Udo Jürgens (Udo Jürgen Bockelmann) "Merci, Cherie"

(AD--) Ronny (Wolfgang Roloff) "Darling Goodnight "

(AD--) Vicky Leandros (Vassiliki Papathanassiou) "Messer, Gabel, Schere, Licht"

(AGB-1) Les Tornados "Telstar"

(AGB-3) Les Exciters "He's Got the Power"

(AGB-4) Les Exciters "Tell Him"

(AGB-6) Dionne Warwick "A House is Not a Home"

(AGB-7) Dionne Warwick "Walk On By"

(AGB-8) Charlie & Innez Foxx "Hurt by Love"

(AGB-9) Charlie & Innez Foxx "Mocking Bird"

(CI-105) The Roger Stefani Dancers "The Flame"

(CI-106) The Roger Stefani Dancers "Sweet Georgia Brown"

(CI-107) Le Trio Athenée "Oh Yeah"

(CI-150) Jacqueline Boyer "Meine liebe Robert"

(D-502) Ozel Turkbas "Daughter of the Nile"

(D-513) Ozel Turkbas "Bedevilled Belly Dancer"

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(F-301) Billy Watkins "Shout"

(GDR-20) Maurice Vittenet "Mystérieuse"

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(GE-719) Maurice Arcange "Le petit bal du samedi soir, 2è partie"

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(GE-727) Fernand Raynaud "Tonton, pourquoi tu tousse"

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(GE-734) Michel Fugain "Soleil"

(GE-735) Julien Clerc "Mon coeur est un volcan"

(GE-736) Les Charlots "Merci patron"

(GE-737) Sheila (Annie Chancel) "Les rois mages"

(GE-739) Henri Salvador (Henri Gabriel Salvador) "Quand on travaille"

(GE-740) Zoo "Hard Times"

(GE-741) The Martin Circus "Je m'eclate au Senegal"

(GE-742) Jean‑François Michael "Je veux vivre aupres de toi"

(GE-743) Michel Delpech (Jean‑Michel Delpech) "Pour un flirt"

(GE-744) James Brown "Sex Machine"

(GE-746) Vicky Anderson "Yesterday"

(GE-750) Myriam Makeba "Pata Pata"

(GE-752) Gilbert Montanier "The Fool"

(GE-753) Eddy Mitchell (Claude Moine) "C'est facile"

(GE-756) Amalia Rodrigues "Lisboa"

(GE-761) Titanic "Sultana"

(J-100) artist/group unknown "Jump Up and Spin Around"

(J-101) The Mudlarks "La‑De‑Da"

(NN-002) artist/group unknown "Feathers and Fuss"

(NN-003) Luka Bloom (& Bloody Fingers) "German Girl"

(NN-004) artist/group unknown "Topless a Go‑Go"

(NN-005) Lady Godiva "Batwoman (The Party)"

(NN-006) artist/group unknown "Wonder Girl"

(NN-008) artist/group unknown "Olly"

(NN-009) Ray Anthony & The Bookends "Little Coquette"

(NN-012) artist/group unknown "Drum Chant"

(S-1000) Molly Bee "Johnny Liar"

(S-1001) Barbara McNair "The Best is Yet to Come"

(S-1002) Chris Crosby "Oh Lonesome Me" (not officially released)

(S-1003) Barbara McNair "The Other Side of the Tracks"

(S-1004) (US-1) George, Teddy & The Condors "Ain't That Just Like Me"

(S-1005) Della Reese (Dellorese Patricia Early) "Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey"

(S-1006) Mary Kaye & Company "Toreador"

(S-1007) (US-2) Jane Morgan "C'est Ci Bon"

(S-1008) (US-9) Jane Morgan "Under Paris Skies"

(S-1009) (US-5) Greenwood County Singers "Cake Walking Babies From Home"

(S-1010) Kay Starr (Kay Stark) "Around the World"

(S-1011) Kay Starr (Kay Stark) "Wheel of Fortune"

(S-1012) (US-4) Debbie Reynolds "We'll Sing in the Sunshine"

(S-1013) Debbie Reynolds "If I Had a Hammer"

(S-1014) (US-3) January Jones "I've Got the World on a String"

(S-1015) January Jones "That Old Gang of Mine"

(S-1016) Billy Lee Riley (filmed at the 'Whisky A Go‑Go' in Los Angeles) "Hi' Heeled Sneakers (Put On Your Red Dress Baby)"

(S-1017) (US-6) Stacy Adams "Pussycat a Go Go"

(S-1018) Freddie Bell & Roberta Linn "Tweedlee Dee"

(S-1019) Freddie Bell & Roberta Linn "For You"

(S-1020) Bobby Vee (Robert Velline) "Pretty Girls Everywhere"

(S-1021) Bobby Vee (Robert Velline) "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes"

(S-1022) Jody Miller "Queen of the House"

(S-1023) Jody Miller "The Race is On"

(S-1024) James Darren (James Ercolani) "Because You're Mine"

(S-1025) Joi Lansing "The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else"

(S-1026) Lou Rawls "Three o'Clock in the Morning"

(S-1027) Back Porch Majority "The Mighty Mississippi"

(S-1028) Shani Wallis "Bless Them All"

(S-1029) Vic Damone "Lost and Found"

(S-1030) Buddy Greco "The Lady is a Tramp"

(S-1031) The Legendaires "Good for Nothing Bill"

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(S-1033) Sonny King "I Cried for You"

(S-1034) The Hondells "Sea Cruise"

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(S-1036) Sue Raney "Before the Rain"

(S-1037) Damita Jo "Silver Dollar"

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(S-1042) Princess Leilani & Alex "Smouldering Drums"

(S-1043) Bobby Rydell (Robert Louis Ridarelli) "Bellazza"

(S-1044) Dick & Dee Dee "Where Did All the Good Times Go"

(S-1045) Gale Garnett "Where Do You Go to Go Away"

(S-1046) George McKelvey "My Teen‑Age Fallout Queen"

(S-1047) Brook Benton "Mother Nature, Father Time"

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(S-1049) Ike Cole "Nat King Cole Medley"

(S-1050) Billy Eckstine "Prime of My Life"

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(S-1052) Merle Kilgore "Five Card Stud"

(S-1053) Joi Lansing "The Silencers"

(S-1054) Andy Russell "Enamorado"

(S-1055) Frank Sinatra Jr. "Love For Sale"

(S-1056) Donna Theodore "Femininity"

(S-1057) Joi Lansing "In the Web of Love"

(S-1058) January Jones "(Up a) Lazy River"

(S-1059) January Jones "I Love Being Here With You"

(S-1060) Della Reese (Dellorese Patricia Early) "If I Never Get to Heaven"

(S-1061) Barbara McNair "Irma La Douce"

(S-1062) Neil Sedaka "Calendar Girl"

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(S-1064) Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass "Tijuana Taxi"

(S-1065) Lou Rawls "St. Louis Blues"

(S-1066) Donna Theodore "Experience Unnecessary"

(S-1067) Lesley Gore "Wonder Boy"

(S-1068) April Stevens & Nino Tempo (Nino LoTempio) "Land of a Thousand Dances"

(S-1069) Jody Miller "Things"

(S-1070) Gale Garnett "Small Potatoes"

(S-1071) Vic Dana "Most Unusual Day"

(S-1072) Bobby Vee (Robert Velline) "Baby Face"

(S-1073) Marilyn Maye "Cabaret"

(SA-1) Billy Kanack "Samba à Go Go"

(SA-2) Bobby Capo "Monta Mi Caballito"

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(213K) The Salt Water Taffy "Sticks and Stones"

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(218K) The Casualeers "When I'm in Your Arms"

(219K) artist/group unknown "Female Impersonator"

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(227K) The Hassles "I Hear Voices"

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(235K) The Tokens "Animal"

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(237K) Paula Wayne "Yours Till Tomorrow"

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(240K) Lou Monte "When Washington Crossed the Delaware"

(242K) Smokey Warren "Where the Old Red River Flows"

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(272K) artist/group unknown "Autumn in New York"

(280K) Cavril Payne "Only Yesterday"

Film for Cinebox/Colorama:

(Cinebox) Angela con l’Orchestra di Aldo Pagani "M'ama, non m'ama"

(Cinebox) Wilma De Angelis "Lumicini rossi"

(Cinebox) Wilma De Angelis "Rosita, cha cha cha"

(Cinebox) Paul Anka "Domani prendo il primo treno"

(Cinebox) Paul Anka "Estate senza te"

(Cinebox) Paul Anka "Ogni volta"

(Cinebox) Ingrid Anthofer "Reverse Strip"

(Cinebox) Don Archell "The Wayward Wind"

(Cinebox) Johnny Arthey & The Cracknuts "Nut Rocker"

(Cinebox) Frankie Avalon "Tornerai"

(Cinebox) Babette "Pigiama e Babbucce"

(Cinebox) Nicola di Bari "Non ti ricordo più"

(Cinebox) Antonio Basurto "Zì’ Nicola"

(Cinebox) Johnny Bev "The Girl I Love"

(Cinebox) Acker Bilk (Bernard Stanley Bilk) & The Paramount Jazz Band "Creole Jazz"

(Cinebox) Acker Bilk (Bernard Stanley Bilk) & The Paramount Jazz Band "In a Persian Market"

(Cinebox) Acker Bilk (Bernard Stanley Bilk) & The Paramount Jazz Band "Sippin' Cider Beside Her"

(Cinebox) Acker Bilk (Bernard Stanley Bilk) & The Paramount Jazz Band "Stranger on the Shore"

(Cinebox) Acker Bilk (Bernard Stanley Bilk) & The Paramount Jazz Band "Don't Dilly Dally on the Way"

(Cinebox) Acker Bilk (Bernard Stanley Bilk) & The Paramount Jazz Band "Ship Ahoy"

(Cinebox) Acker Bilk (Bernard Stanley Bilk) & The Paramount Jazz Band (with April Olrich) "The Volga Boatman"

(Cinebox) Acker Bilk (Bernard Stanley Bilk) & The Paramount Jazz Band "Who Were You With Last Nite"

(Cinebox) Lilli Bonato "La nostra età"

(Cinebox) Lilli Bonato "La settimana"

(Cinebox) Bobby Breen "Up on the Roof"

(Cinebox) Vanna Brosio "Come mio padre"

(Cinebox) Brothers Four "Chickie"

(Cinebox) Fred Bullo "Tritolo Twist"

(Cinebox) Peppino di Capri "Com’ è bello"

(Cinebox) Peppino di Capri "E voi ridete"

(Cinebox) Peppino di Capri "Forget Me"

(Cinebox) Peppino di Capri e i suoi Rockers "Let Me Cry"

(Cinebox) Peppino di Capri "Let's Twist Again"

(Cinebox) Peppino di Capri "When"

(Cinebox) Germana Caroli "Alle dieci della sera"

(Cinebox) Germana Caroli "Che noia"

(Cinebox) Carolyn, Roy and Judy "Teenage Valentino"

(Cinebox) Renato Carosone "Atene"

(Cinebox) Renato Carosone "Torero"

(Cinebox) Laura Casati "Sembrava la solita storia"

(Cinebox) Patty Cassee "Party Patty"

(Cinebox) Andy Cavell & (The) Boscoe Holder Dancers "Speedy Gonzales"

(Cinebox) Adriano Celentano "Il problema più importante"

(Cinebox) Adriano Celentano "Stai lontana da me"

(Cinebox) Peppino di capri e i suoi Rockers "Let Me Cry"

(Cinebox) Pétula Clark "Frontiera"

(Cinebox) Pétula Clark "Pagherai"

(Cinebox) Complesso I Nobili "C'era una volta"

(Cinebox) Sam Cooke "Twisting the Night Away"

(Cinebox) Gino Cop "É mia la notte"

(Cinebox) Fay Craig "Bongo Baby"

(Cinebox) Fay Craig "Mirage"

(Cinebox) Fay Craig & (The) Boscoe Holder Dancers "Woodoo"

(Cinebox) Aura d'Angelo "Notturno senza luna"

(Cinebox) Alan Davison & The Diamonds "Let It Happen To Me"

(Cinebox) Colin Day "When My Little Girl Is Smiling"

(Cinebox) Diana Diaz "Calcutta"

(Cinebox) Dion (Dion Francis DiMucci) "Adorabile Susi"

(Cinebox) Dion (Dion Francis DiMucci) "Runaround Sue"

(Cinebox) Dion (Dion Francis DiMucci) "Tra-la-la-la Susy"

(Cinebox) Pino Donaggio "Come sinfonia"

(Cinebox) Johnny Dorelli "Non costa niente"

(Cinebox) Brad Dorian & The 50 Lovelies "Bachelor Tom Peeping"

(Cinebox) Sergio Endrigo "La dolce estate"

(Cinebox) Exotica "Egyptian Belly Dance"

(Cinebox) Bent Fabric (Bent Fabricius Bjerre) "Alley Cat"

(Cinebox) Fat Lou & The Crackpots "If You Were the Only Girl in the World"

(Cinebox) Shane Fenton (Bernard William Jewry) & The Fentones "Ain't Got Nobody"

(Cinebox) Shane Fenton (Bernard William Jewry) & The Fentones "That Old Yeah‑Yeah Feeling"

(Cinebox) Phil Fernando "The High Life"

(Cinebox) Fabrizio Ferretti "Oh, oh, baby piangerò"

(Cinebox) Nico Fidenco "Con te sulla spiaggia"

(Cinebox) Nico Fidenco "Lasciami il tuo sorriso"

(Cinebox) Jimmy Fontana "Bevo"

(Cinebox) Jimmy Fontana "Ma che ci faccio"

(Cinebox) Jimmy Fontana "O te o nessuno"

(Cinebox) Freddie (Freddie Garrity) & The Dreamers "You Were Made For Me"

(Cinebox) Georgio Gaber "Genevieve"

(Cinebox) Georgio Gaber "Non arrossire"

(Cinebox) (I Duo Corsari) Georgio Gaber et Enzo Jannacci "Una fetta di limone"

(Cinebox) Peppino Gagliardi "Questa sera non ho pianto"

(Cinebox) Nuncio Gallo "L'ultimo pezzo di terra"

(Cinebox) Gemelle Kessler (Alice and Ellen Kessler) "Pollo e champagne (Champagne Girl)"

(Cinebox) Gegè di Giacomo e il suo complesso "O'Pellirossa"

(Cinebox) Ricky Gianco "Cuore di negro"

(Cinebox) Giannetto "A me piace Celentano"

(Cinebox) Wayne Gibson & The Dynamic Sounds "I Like It"

(Cinebox) Johnny B. Great (Johnny Goodison) "If I Had a Hammer"

(Cinebox) Françoise Hardy "La tua mano"

(Cinebox) Françoise Hardy "Quelli della mia età"

(Cinebox) Françoise Hardy "Se ci stò"

(Cinebox) Miss Hawaii "Mai Kai"

(Cinebox) Screamin' Jay Hawkins (cartoon) "Frenzy"

(Cinebox) Vince Hill (Vincent Hill) "Catch a Falling Star"

(Cinebox) Vince Hill (Vincent Hill) "Twisting the Night Away"

(Cinebox) Dawn Holly "Little Coquette"

(Cinebox) I Campioni "Los pantalones"

(Cinebox) I Divini "La canzone del Cinebox"

(Cinebox) I Nobili "Twist funiculì"

(Cinebox) Jan & Kelly "I've Got a Secret"

(Cinebox) Udo Jürgens (Udo Jürgen Bockelmann) "Peccato che sia finita così"

(Cinebox) Eden Kane "Forget Me Not"

(Cinebox) Eden Kane "Someone Wants to Know"

(Cinebox) Eden Kane "(It) Sounds Funny To Me"

(Cinebox) Alan Klein & Julie Samuel "Come Outside"

(Cinebox) La Cricca "Il surf delle mattonelle"

(Cinebox) Fausto Leali "E'vietato"

(Cinebox) Fausto Leali "Non insistere"

(Cinebox) Jackie Lee (Jacqueline Norah Flood) & The Raindrops "Maybe It's the Madison"

(Cinebox) Jackie Lee (Jacqueline Norah Flood) & The Raindrops "Locomotion"

(Cinebox) Peggy Lee (Norma Delores Engstrom) "Hey, Look Me Over"

(Cinebox) Tommy Leonetti "The Way You Look Tonight"

(Cinebox) Les Brutos "Destinazione luna"

(Cinebox) Little Tony "Quando vedrai la mia ragazza"

(Cinebox) Los Marcellos Ferial "Angelita di Anzio"

(Cinebox) Los Marcellos Ferial "Sei diventata nera"

(Cinebox) Terrie Lomas "Like I Do"

(Cinebox) Jenny Luna "Chiodo scaccia chiodo"

(Cinebox) Jenny Luna "Cose inutili"

(Cinebox) Jenny Luna "Sola nel sole"

(Cinebox) Marino Marini e il suo Quatetto "Amore a Palma di Maiorca"

(Cinebox) Marino Marini e il suo Quatetto "Bella, bella bambina"

(Cinebox) Marino Marini e il suo Quatetto "Ho la testa come un pallone"

(Cinebox) Marino Marini e il suo Quatetto "Mille Luci"

(Cinebox) Marino Marini e il suo Quatetto "Non sei mai stata così bella"

(Cinebox) Marino Marini e il suo Quatetto "Petronio, cha cha cha"

(Cinebox) Marino Marini e il suo Quatetto "Twist in Love"

(Cinebox) Eddie Martin "Don't Let Me Stop You"

(Cinebox) Eddie Martin "You Said Goodbye Just Once Too Often"

(Cinebox) Miranda Martino "Gastone"

(Cinebox) Cocky Mazzetti "Casanova baciami"

(Cinebox) Cocky Mazzetti "La partita di pallone"

(Cinebox) Roberta Mazzoni "Bugiardo"

(Cinebox) Milva (Maria Ilva Biolcati) "Stanotte al luna park"

(Cinebox) Mina (Anna Maria Mazzini) "Pesci rossi"

(Cinebox) Domenico Modugno "Don Fifi"

(Cinebox) Domenico Modugno "Uomo in frack"

(Cinebox) Monica "Complimenti Bernard"

(Cinebox) Gianni Morandi "In ginocchio da te"

(Cinebox) Gianni Morandi "Se vuoi uscire la Domenica con me"

(Cinebox) (The) Anna Neagle Dancers "Bossa Nova (Desafinado)"

(Cinebox) Orchestre i Latini "Selené (Moonstruck)"

(Cinebox) Orchestre Tullio Gallo "Russian Twist"

(Cinebox) Os Brasileiros (with Sivuca (Severino Dias de Oliveira)) "Dorme la Niña"

(Cinebox) Tony Osborne (Edward Benjamin Tony Osborne) & His Orchestra "The Man From Madrid"

(Cinebox) Gino Paoli "La Gatta"

(Cinebox) Gino Paoli "Sassi"

(Cinebox) Gino Paoli "Vivere ancora"

(Cinebox) Gastone Parigi e il suo Quintetto "Brigitte Bardot"

(Cinebox) Gastone Parigi e il suo Quintetto "Eddy"

(Cinebox) Gastone Parigi e il suo Quintetto "Io e la tromba"

(Cinebox) Steve Perry "Ginny Come Lately"

(Cinebox) Gianni Pucci "Twist del barbiere"

(Cinebox) Quartetto Radar "Dammi la mano e corri"

(Cinebox) Boots Randolph (Homer Louis Randolph III) "Yakity Sax"

(Cinebox) Renato Rascel "Arrivederci Roma"

(Cinebox) Riccardo Rauchi e il suo Complesso "African Waltz"

(Cinebox) Riccardo Rauchi e il suo Complesso "Okay Twist"

(Cinebox) Julie Rayne "Bobby's Girl"

(Cinebox) Toni Renis "In te"

(Cinebox) Tina Robbins "Glory of Love"

(Cinebox) Robertino "Un bacio piccolissimo"

(Cinebox) Nini Rosso "La ballata di una tromba"

(Cinebox) Rosy "Tutto l'amore del mondo"

(Cinebox) Rosy "Un tuffo al cuore"

(Cinebox) Bobby Rydell (Robert Louis Ridarelli) "Frenesi"

(Cinebox) Bobby Rydell (Robert Louis Ridarelli) "Sway"

(Cinebox) Bobby Rydell (Robert Louis Ridarelli) "Swinging School"

(Cinebox) Bobby Rydell (Robert Louis Ridarelli) "Un bacio piccolissimo"

(Cinebox) Clem Sacco "Chunga Twist"

(Cinebox) Clem Sacco "Il deficiente"

(Cinebox) Clem Sacco "O mama, uoglio un uovo alla coque"

(Cinebox) Clem Sacco "Vino, chitarra e luna"

(Cinebox) Russ Sainty "Go Away Little Girl"

(Cinebox) Sandy "Voglio amare"

(Cinebox) Al Saxon "Mine All Mine"

(Cinebox) Al Saxon & Doug Sheldon "Tell 'Em What They Wanna Know"

(Cinebox) Screaming Lord Sutch (David Edward Sutch) "Jack the Ripper"

(Cinebox) Neil Sedaka "I tuoi capricci"

(Cinebox) Neil Sedaka "La terza luna"

(Cinebox) Neil Sedaka "The Dreamer"

(Cinebox) Neil Sedaka & Mary Di Pietro "Breaking Up is Hard to Do"

(Cinebox) Joe Sentieri "Libellule"

(Cinebox) Joe Sentieri "Pozzanghere"

(Cinebox) Shane & Marlene "Derelict"

(Cinebox) Shane & Marlene "From the Jungle"

(Cinebox) Shane & Marlene "Surfin' Babes"

(Cinebox) Doug Sheldon "Night Time"

(Cinebox) Doug Sheldon "Nite Beat"

(Cinebox) Bobby Solo "Una lacrima sul viso"

(Cinebox) Dave Storm & The Diamonds "If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody"

(Cinebox) Tanya "Un colpo di fulmine"

(Cinebox) Luigi Tenco "Ha capito che ti amo"

(Cinebox) Alberto Testa "Vestita di rosso"

(Cinebox) Arturo Testa "Un'anima leggare"

(Cinebox) The Bachelors "The Stars Will Remember"

(Cinebox) The Banjo Boys (Jan & Kjeld Wennick) "Little Banjo Boy"

(Cinebox) The Chumps "7/11 - Go Go God"

(Cinebox) The Colorama Dancers "Beach Party"

(Cinebox) The Eggheads "Greenback Dollar"

(Cinebox) The Eggheads "Swing Low Sweet Chariot"

(Cinebox) The Eggheads "The Little Lite of Mine"

(Cinebox) The Flippers "La Piroga"

(Cinebox) The Flippers "La Vichinga"

(Cinebox) The Fortunes "Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya"

(Cinebox) The Kentones "Show Me The Way To Go Home"

(Cinebox) The Milords "Baby Madison"

(Cinebox) The Orchids "Mr. Scrooge"

(Cinebox) The Sheppard Sisters "Talk Is Cheap"

(Cinebox) The Springfields "Down and Out"

(Cinebox) The Springfields "Maracabamba"

(Cinebox) The Viscounts "Let's Twist Again"

(Cinebox) Pat Thomas "Desafinado (Bossa Nova)"

(Cinebox) Piero Trombetta "La canzone del 317"

(Cinebox) Frankie Vaughan "Alley Alley-O"

(Cinebox) Frankie Vaughan "I'm Going to Be a Good Boy Now"

(Cinebox) Frankie Vaughan "Wouldn't You Like It"

(Cinebox) Frankie Vaughan & The Happy Wanderers "Everybody Loves My Baby"

(Cinebox) Edoardo Vianello "Che freddo"

(Cinebox) Edoardo Vianello "Guarda come dondolo"

(Cinebox) Edoardo Vianello "L'ultima sera"

(Cinebox) Edoardo Vianello "Pinne, fucile ed occhiali"

(Cinebox) Edoardo Vianello "Tremarella"

(Cinebox) Edwardo Viscallo "Bikini Beach"

(Cinebox) (The) Mike Zuascke Dancers "(The) Limbo Dance"

(Cinebox) Zoe Collins "Seven Eleven"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Altagrazia"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Cachito (Coursée)"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Che morto di sonno"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Che risate"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Chiamami autunno"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Cobra Dance"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Così come sei"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Dans les rues d'Antibes"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Dolcissima"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Donna dei sogni"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Double Twist"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Fino all'alba"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Fiori sull'acqua"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Gin Gin Gin"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "High Heels"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "I Don't Know What I Got"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Jonny McTerroon"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Josephine"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "La nostra casa"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "La prima che incontro"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Lady Luna"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "L'anellino"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Le Mogli dei Cowboys"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Le Rififi"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Lei (non è per me)"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Let the Great World Keep Turning"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Lo sport"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Love is a Gamble"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Ma questa sera"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Madeira"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Madison Dance"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Mi devi credere"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Micaela"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Mo Madison"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Modestamente"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Moliendo Café"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Napoleao"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Negrita Bambolina"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Non farmi piangere più"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Non vinco mai"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "O mafiuso"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Piazza Baracca"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Quando il vento d'aprile"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "R O X 3 Brigitte"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Run For Your Life"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Scottish Twist"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Strip Polka"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Tu non puoi"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Tu sei sempre"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "Vetro opaco"

(Cinebox) artist/group unknown "You Must Stay"

Film for Color-Sonic:

(CS-2000) Bobby Troup "Girl Talk"

(CS-2001) Karen Jensen "(I'm an) Old Cowhand"

(CS-2002) artist/group unknown "Every Little Movement"

(CS-2004) Julie London "Daddy"

(CS-2005) Boots Randolph (Homer Louis Randolph III) "Charlie Brown"

(CS-2006) Fran Jeffries "Ain't Misbehavin'"

(CS-2007) Lili Saint‑Cyr "Speak Low"

(CS-2008) Nai Bonet "Jelly Belly"

(CS-2009) Lili Saint‑Cyr "Ebb Tide"

(CS-2010) Herb Alpert "In Crowd"

(CS-2011) Nancy Sinatra "These Boots are Made for Walking"

(CS-2012) Chad & Jeremy (Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde) "Lemon Tree"

(CS-2020) artist/group unknown "Night for Last Dancers"

(Color-Sonic) Ray Anthony & The Bookends "Ray Anthony Show"

(Color-Sonic) Ray Anthony & The Bookends "Winchester Cathedral"

(Color-Sonic) Barry Ashton "Barry Ashton Review"

(Color-Sonic) Dean Barlow "Drums and Girls"

(Color-Sonic) Peggy Jo Canswell & Ben Burch "The Whole World in His Hands"

(Color-Sonic) Jeanne Carson "Crazy Little Mixed Up Heart"

(Color-Sonic) The Jimmy Castor Bunch "Cave Man (Splish Splash)"

(Color-Sonic) Richard Cazes "Shake"

(Color-Sonic) Craig Douglas "I'd Be Smiling Now"

(Color-Sonic) artist unknown "High Boots" (made same day as CS-2011, artist looks like Roy Head)

(Color-Sonic) Faith Flury "Down by the Riverside"

(Color-Sonic) Johnny & Marsha "To Paris With Love"

(Color-Sonic) Cheryl Nason "What a Difference a Day Makes"

(Color-Sonic) Bernice Olive "Night Train"

(Color-Sonic) Sharlene Ray "Ipanema Beach Girl"

(Color-Sonic) The Avons "Hey Paula"

(Color-Sonic) The Avons "I Wanna Do It"

(Color-Sonic) The Hollies "Little Lover"

(Color-Sonic) The Mojos "Seven Golden Daffodils"

(Color-Sonic) The Mudlarks "The Little Cracked Bell of San Raquel"

(Color-Sonic) Tony Roman "Sha‑la‑la"

(Color-Sonic) Velvet Solange "It's My Body, Not My Mind"

(Color-Sonic) Velvet Solange "That's Life"

(Color-Sonic) Misti Walker "Love"

(Color-Sonic) Andy Williams (Howard Andrew Williams) "Music to Watch Girls By"

(Color-Sonic) Diane Wisdom "More"

Additional Film Titles:

(--) Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass "Bittersweet Samba"

(--) Marcel Amont (Marcel Jean-Pierre Balthazar Miramont) "Les marionnettes"

(--) Sydney Bechet "Petite fleur"

(--) Heinz Burt (Heinz Henry George Burt) (from The Tornados) "Dreams Do Come True"

(--) Pia Colombo "Defence d'afficher"

(--) Pia Colombo "La Chabraque"

(--) Claudine Coppin "St. Tropez Express"

(--) Dalida (Yolande Christina Gigliotti) "Salma"

(--) Dominique "Oh! Aime‑moi"

(--) Craig Douglas "Town Crier"

(--) Drupi "Vado Via"

(--) Jacques Dutronc "Le petite jardin"

(--) Serge Gainsbourg (Lucien Ginzburg) "Le poinconneur des lilas"

(--) France Gall (Isabelle Gall) "Les sucettes"

(--) France Gall (Isabelle Gall) "Sacré Charlemagne"

(--) Georges de Giafferi "Sado Maso"

(--) Fernand Gignac & Bix Bélair "La prière du trompetiste"

(--) Yolande Guérard "Lequel de deux préferés‑tu"

(--) Guilda et sa Troupe "Bambi"

(--) Guilda et sa Troupe "Le phénomè"

(--) Johnny Halliday (Jean‑Philippe Smet) "J'ai crie a la nuit"

(--) Johnny Halliday (Jean‑Philippe Smet) "Je cherche une fille"

(--) Johnny Halliday (Jean‑Philippe Smet) "Mon amour oublie"

(--) Johnny Halliday (Jean‑Philippe Smet) "Money Honey"

(--) Johnny Halliday (Jean‑Philippe Smet) "Sentimental"

(--) C. Jérôme (Claude Dhotel) "Himalaya"

(--) C. Jérôme (Claude Dhotel) "Kiss Me"

(--) Le duo Stone et Charden (Eric Charden) "L'avventura"

(--) Margot Lefebvre "Chacun garde dans son coeur"

(--) Les Ballets Africains "Africa Ablaze (Zulu Dance)"

(--) Les Ballets Gilles et Nathalie "Charleston"

(--) Les Ballets Gilles et Nathalie "On dit"

(--) Les Baronets "J'suis fou"

(--) Les Baronets "C'est fou, mais c'est tout"

(--) Les Baronets "L'amour, ça fait pleurer"

(--) Les Baronets "Twiste et chante"

(--) Les Bongles "Quiet Village"

(--) Les Chats Sauvages "Est‑ce que tu ie sais?"

(--) Les Chats Sauvages "Tu peins ton visage"

(--) Les Cheries "Un canard dans la mare"

(--) Les Classels "Lorsque l'amour s'en va"

(--) Les Classels "N'attendons pas qu'il soit trop tard"

(--) Les Classels "Si j'étais millionnaire"

(--) Les Classels "Ton amour a changé ma vie"

(--) Bing Crosby "White Christmas"

(--) Les Jérolas "Méo Penché"

(--) Les Mégatones "Guitare Limbo"

(--) Les Ringards "These Boots are Made for Walking"

(--) Les 3 Ménestrels "Combien de Temps"

(--) Les 3 Ménestrels "Notre Amour"

(--) Les 5 Gentlemen "Bus Palladium"

(--) Renee Lebas "Chanson de Margot"

(--) Nicole Louvier "Paris jardin"

(--) Enrico Macias (Gaston Ghrenassia) "La verité"

(--) Gerard Manuel "Je te parie qu'il pleut a Paris"

(--) Betty Mars "La brunet"

(--) Matt Monroe "Walk Away"

(--) Rita Pavone "Bonjour la France"

(--) Franck Pourcel et son Orchestre "Danger Blues"

(--) Michèle Richard "Ça va, ça va"

(--) Michèle Richard "La plus belle pour aller danser"

(--) Michèle Richard "Les boîtes à Go Go"

(--) Dick Rivers (Hervé Fornieri) "Rien que toi"

(--) Dick Rivers (Hervé Fornieri) "Ton prenom je l'aime"

(--) Jenny Rock "Douliou douliou Saint-Tropez"

(--) Catherine Sauvage "Comme dans la haute"

(--) Catherine Sauvage "Le ton du tango"

(--) Valera Scott "Besame"

(--) Shirley Théroux "Comme une symphonie"

(--) Shirley Théroux "Je serai toujours à toi"

(--) The Beatles "She Loves You"

(--) The Go-Go-Girls "Row Row Your Boat"

(--) The Honeycombs (with Honey Lantree) "Have I the Right to Hold You"

(--) The Psyrcle "Land of a Thousand Dances"

(--) The Rejects "Need Your Love"

(--) Toy & Wing Review "Kawai Baby"

(--) André Verchuren "Amicale auvergnate"

(--) artist/group unknown "Action"

(--) artist/group unknown "Big Jeanie"

(--) artist/group unknown "Candy Go Go Girl"

(--) artist/group unknown "Carnaval de Québec"

(--) artist/group unknown "Cowgirl"

(--) artist/group unknown "Dr. Zhivago"

(--) artist/group unknown "Femme de caverne"

(--) artist/group unknown "Fini les folies"

 (--) artist/group unknown "Jane Big"

(--) artist/group unknown "L'äne et la femme"

(--) artist/group unknown "La Gasba"

(--) artist/group unknown "La cave à Zin Zin"

(--) artist/group unknown "Lady In Red"

(--) artist/group unknown "Le bout de tes seins"

(--) artist/group unknown "Le jeune garçon boutonneux"

(--) artist/group unknown "Le soleil"

(--) artist/group unknown "Midnight Cowboy"

(--) artist/group unknown "Quittez moi"

(--) artist/group unknown "Strip and Dance"

(--) artist/group unknown "Striptease"

(--) artist/group unknown "The Caine Mutiny (Film Theme)"

(--) artist/group unknown "The Dance from 'Tiara Tahiti'"

(--) artist/group unknown "The Merry‑Go‑Round"

(--) artist/group unknown "The Scrubbers Song from 'Father Came Too'"

(--) artist/group unknown "The Theme from 'The Beauty Jungle'"

(--) artist/group unknown "The Theme from 'The Fast Lady'"

(--) artist/group unknown "Up Tight"

(--) artist/group unknown "Wet Dream"

(--) artist/group unknown "Zip-a-dee Do-da"

There are most probably a lot of film titles and artists or groups missing (other than the ones stated as unknown in the list), so if you find any 16mm's of interest not mentioned here, please do not hesitate to contact the editor of the website. There have been several important sources of information over the years, and the three collectors, Fred Bingaman (Manchester, Missouri), Sam Wasserman, and especially Robert Orlowsky (San Francisco, California), have published great film lists based on the first, original film list compiled and published in 1978 by Gerold F. and Linda L. Koehler (Joplin, Missouri). In addition the collectors Klaus-Dieter Radomski (Germany), Michele F. Bovi (San Marino), and Jeroen Hendriksen (France) have provided the editor with further titles, and the editor thank them all for sharing the essential and historic information.

Gert J. Almind