Books, Magazines, and Articles Wanted

The following books, magazines, or articles (originals) are at present wanted for the jukebox historic reference library:

"Slot/Box Collector", No. 8, November/December, 1992. Published by Wordmarque, Clifton, Virginia, USA. Last issue of the magazine before the name changed to "Classic Amusements".

"Meet the Coin Machine Man" by Leo J. Kelly. Published and distributed 1939 by The Exhibit Supply Co. in booklet form to the American trade.

"The Billboard", January 24, 1948, full magazine with complete article about the 60th birthday of the jukebox.

"The Billboard", August 25, 1956, full magazine with Rudolph Wurlitzer Company centennial articles.

"Popular Science", USA , June, 1958, full magazine with complete article about coin operated jukeboxes.

"You Don't Dance to the Juke-Box" by Tracy McGarvey. Published 1990 by Write Trac Publishing Service, USA.

"True Life Romance", No. 3, There's No Romance in Rock-n-Roll (comic booklet), August, 1956, USA.

"Juke Box Gems of the 30s, 40s, and 50s". Article published in the magazine MayFair (Vol. 21, No. 12), England.

"The Jukebox Comes of Age" by Henry J. Holcomb. Article published in the Buffalo News (Vol. 328, Issue 30625), April 20, 1999.

"Children's Jukebox" by Bob Reid. Published 1995 by American Library Association Editions, USA.

"Juke Doll" (Doll Friend) by Robert F. Young. Science fiction story published in the magazine Amazing Stories (Vol. 33, No. 7), July, 1959, USA.

"Video Thrills the Radio Star" by Henry Keazor & Thorsten Wübbena. Published 2005 by Transcript (ISBN 978-3-89942-728-8).

"Jukebox". Published 1995 in Greek language by Aquarius Publishing Co. (ISBN 960-7628-07-1).

"Juke-Box" by David Merveille. Published 2008 by Random House (ISBN 978-1-933605-72-2).

"Apocalypse Jukebox" by David Janssen & Edward Whitelock. Published 2008 by Soft Scull (ISBN 978-1-59376-221-6).

"Jukebox Saturday Nights" by Alan Copeland. Published 2007 by BearManor Media (ISBN 978-1-59393-103-2)

The editor of this website would be very pleased to hear from you, if you should have any of the above listed books, magazines, or original articles for sale or trade.

Gert J. Almind