Danish Top 10 Jukebox Singles

The following list contains the Top 10 Jukebox Singles in Danish language used in the automatic phonographs. However, the list might not be hundred percent correct yet, because it has been based on the checking of several play counters of scrapped jukeboxes, still with the title strips mounted in the late eighties, combined with checking of contemporary charts of popular music. The most important era of Danish pop-music in jukeboxes ought to start with the early sixties, but the late seventies and early eighties have had a certain effect on the counts for the most popular recordings of the seventies (including the special jukebox singles made for operators only). As a consequence, the listings may not be fair to the hard working pop-music artists of the sixties, but the survey has of course not yet been completed.

# 1  "Billet Mrk.", Bjarne Liller, 1980

# 2  "Kvinde min", Gasolin (Kim Larsen), 1975

# 3  "Mormors kolonihavehus", Eva Madsen, 1978

# 4  "Så længe jeg lever", John Mogensen, 1973

# 5  "Papirsklip", Kim Larsen, 1983

# 6  "Se Venedig og dø", Lone Kellermann, 1978

# 7  "To mennesker på en strand", John Mogensen, 1972

# 8  "Hva' gør vi nu, lille du", Gasolin (Kim Larsen), 1976

# 9  "Fut i fejemøget", John Mogensen, 1972

#10 "Hvalborg", Shu-bi-dua, 1976


#11 "Mandalay", Four Jacks, 1961

#12 "Lille sommerfugl", Bjørn Tidmand, 1968

#13 "Kald det kærlighed", Lars Lilholt, 1986

#14 "Disco Tango", Tommy Seebach, 1979

#15 "Susan Himmelblå", Kim Larsen, 1983

It is still necessary to find further, reliable information about the Danish 45rpm records used in the jukeboxes during the period from the early sixties until around 1987, when the new compact disc mechanisms totally changed the number of selections on jukeboxes. If you should find interesting information related to the listings above, please do not hesitate to send a note to the editor of the site.

Gert J. Almind

" Music is the universal language; it needs no
translation, for it is a meeting of souls."
Berthold Auerbach