List of Recordings with Jukebox Title

The following list contains names of artists and their recordings with jukebox related title, and whether you like to hear jazz, blues, or rock-n-roll, there may even be one for you among them. Remember the lyrics: "...When my juke-box baby takes the floor, round the old juke-box in the candy store, the joint starts jumpin' till the roof comes tumblin' down..." ("Juke Box Baby", Noel & Joe Sherman, 1956). The fact, that so many recordings have been made over the years with the word jukebox in the title does one way or another reflect the cultural influence of the jukebox as a phenomenon. At the moment 492 recordings are listed here, and it is indicated in parenthesis if the original lyrics is other than English.

Ronney Abramson, "Jukebox of Paris"

Roy Acuff, "That's What Makes the Jukebox Play"

Alabama, "Jukebox in My Mind"

Johnny Amelio, "Juke"

Hank D'Amico’s Sextet, "Juke Box Judy"

Wilma de Angelis, "Juke Box"

Ray Anthony Orchestra, "Juke Box Special"

Jim Atkins & The Pinetoppers, "Juke Joint Johnny"

Georgie Auld's Orchestra, "The Juke Box Jump"

Razzy Bailey, "Anywhere There's a Jukebox"

Italo Baltimora, "Juke Box Boy"

Moe Bandy, "That's What Makes the Jukebox Play"

Wiley Barkdull, "Mr. Juke Box"

Billy Barlow, "(Put Some) Jack in the Jukebox"

Barlow & Company, "Hello, I'm a Jukebox"

Barlow & Company, "Tonight the Jukebox Plays for Me"

Shane Barmby, "Jukebox Symphony"

Al Barrett, "Two Dollars in the Jukebox"

Norma Jean Beasley, "A-11"

The Beautiful South, "Hidden Jukebox"

The Beaver Valley Sweethearts, "Juke Box Diner"

The Be-Bobs, "When the Jukebox Burns"

Janice Beesley, "Boot in the Jukebox"

The Bellhops, "A Nickel and a Dime"

Carl Bender, "Rock-Ola"

Eduardo Bennato, "Sei Come Une Jukebox" (Italian)

Willie P. Bennett, "Jukebox"

Big Stick, "Devil's Jukebox"

The Birddogs, "Jumpin' Jukebox"

Elvin Bishop, "Juke Joint Jump"

The Blue Caps, "Juke Box Fever"

Blue Moon Special, "(Gimme Some Change for the) Record Machine"

Blue Moon Special, "Juke Box Saturday Night"

The Bluenotes, "Juke Box Saturday Night"

Blues Boy Willie, "Juke Joint Blues"

Eddie Bond, "Juke Joint Johnnie"

Eddie Bond, "When the Jukebox Plays"

Johnny Bond, "Who Stole the Jukebox"

Juke Boy Bonner, "They Call Me Juke Boy"

Juke Boy Bonner, "Working With Juke Boy"

Boomerang, "Juke It"

Bootleg, "Juke Box Love Song"

Boppin' Blues Band, "Juke Joint Cafe"

The Born Free Family, "De Jukebox" (Dutch)

Boston Pops, "Classical Juke Box"

Joe Bouchard, "Jukebox in My Head"

Bouncing Souls, "Bulling the Jukebox"

Roger Bowling, "Jukebox Girl"

Anita Boyer (with Edwin A. Ludwig Orchestra), "He's 1-A in the Army and A-1 in My Heart"

BR5-49, "A-1 on the Jukebox"

Johnny Bragg & The Marigolds, "Juke Box Rock-n-Roll"

Tony Brent, "Love by the Jukebox Light"

Briarwood, "Put Another Bullet in the Jukebox"

Brock Terzett, "Schmeiβ mol a Mark nei end Musikbox" (German)

Hadda Brooks, "Juke Box Boogie"

Ed Bruce, "Your Jukebox Could Use a Few More Sad Songs"

Rebecca Brüel & Kjukken (Danish group), "Fat Frank's Jukebox"

Dorsey Burnette, "Mr. Juke Box, Play a Lullaby"

Brian Burns, "The Haunted Jukebox"

Freddie Burns, "Juke Box Boogie"

Freddie Burns & His Ranch Boys, "Juke Box Boogie"

The Flying Burrito Brothers, "California Jukebox"

The Flying Burrito Brothers, "Jukebox Kind of Night"

The Flying Burrito Brothers, "Juke Box Saturday Night"

Buzz Busby, "Me and the Jukebox"

James Owen Bush, "Music Box"

The Bushhounds, "Juke Box Baby"

Chris Cacavas, "Juke Box Lullaby"

Eddie Cantor, Lisa Kirk & The Sammy Kaye Orchestra, "Juke Box Annie"

Carlos & The Bandidos, "Jukebox Jezebel"

Carlos & The Bandidos, "Jukebox Rock"

June Carter (The Carter Sisters), "Juke Box Blues"

Claude Casey, "Juke Box Gal"

Vinny Catalano, "Please Mr. Jukebox Man"

The Cats, "If I didn't have a dime (to play the Jukebox)"

Adriano Celentano, "I Ragazzi del Juke-Box" (Italian)

Craig Chambers, "Ol' Rainbow Jukebox"

Ray Chaney, "That Old Jukebox"

Roger Chapman & The Shortlist, "Juke Box Mama"

The Chesapeake Jukebox Band, "The Chesapeake Jukebox Band"

Mark Chesnutt, "Brother Jukebox"

Mark Chesnutt, "Bubba Shot the Jukebox"

Mark Chesnutt, "Numbers on the Jukebox"

Christine & Lou, "Juke Box Hop"

Betty Claire, "Scopitone Party" (Scopitone 16mm magnetic sound film A-205)

Roy Clark, "Juke Box Saturday Night"

Jimmie Click, "I Can't Play the Juke Box"

The Coeds, "Juke Box"

Nat King Cole, "Mr. Jukebox"

Ray Coleman & His Skyrockets, "Jukebox Rock-n-Roll"

Danny Collet & The Swamp Cats, "Juke Box Songs"

Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen, "Jukebox Jury"

Perry Como, "Juke Box Baby"

Eddie Constantine und Die Ping Pongs, "Die Musikbox wünscht gute Nacht" (German)

The Cook Brothers, "Juke Box Play For Me"

Country Showmen, "Hello Mr. Jukebox"

Cowboy Copas, "Juke Box Blues"

Don Cox, "Jukebox Has A-45"

Paul Craft (and Friends), "Brother Jukebox"

Crescent Street Stompers, "Judy Played the Jukebox"

Crazy River Band, "Chain Around the Jukebox"

Howard Crockett, "That Old Juke Box"

Wayne Cross, "Put Another Dime in the Jukebox"

Dick Curless, "Jukebox Man"

Dick Curless, "Drop Some Silver in the Juke Box"

The Curls, "Jukebox"

Dalida, "Achète-moi un juke-box" (French)

Dalida, "Comprami un juke-box" (Italian)

Britt Damberg, "Jocke Juke-Box" (Swedish)

Dani, "Scopitone"

Dazz Band, "Jukebox"

Duane Dee, "We're the Kind of People That Make the Jukebox Play"

Denver Darling & His Texas Cowhands, "Juke Joint Mama"

Ani Di Franco, "Jukebox"

Bo Diddley, "Juke"

Joe Diffie, "Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox (When I Die)"

I Divini, "La canzone del Cinebox" (Cinebox 16mm optical sound film made 1962)

DJ Majestic, "Lori's Jukebox"

Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan, "Jukebox Boogie"

Domesticated Horrors, "Hydrogen Jukebox"

Al Donahue and His Orchestra, "Jumpin' at the Juke Box"

Jimmy Donley, "Radio, Jukebox, and TV"

Howdy Doody, "Magic Juke Box"

Doctor Ross, "Jukebox Boogie"

Diana Duke, "Tonight, the Jukebox Plays for Me"

Bob Dunn & His Vagabonds, "Juke Box Rag"

The Dusters, "This Ain't No Jukebox"

The Dusty Chaps, "Juke Joint Daddy"

The Dynamic Rockers, "Jukebox"

Dave Edmunds, "A-1 on the Jukebox"

John Emery, "Hillbilly Jukebox"

The Enchantments, "Juke Box Saturday Night"

Heinz Erhardt, "Immer noch'n Groschen" (German)

Don Everly, "Brother Jukebox"

Bent Fabric (Bent Fabricius Bjerre), "Jukebox"

The Falcons, "Juke Hop"

Family Brown, "Juke Box Lover"

Scott Fitzgerald, "Judy Played the Jukebox"

The Five Voices, "Juke Box Saturday Night"

The Flirts, "Juke Box (Don't Put Another Dime)"

Merdell Floyd, "Juke Box Mama"

Foreigner, "Jukebox Hero"

John Forest, "Rock Around the Jukebox"

Shirley Forwood, "Juke Box Lovers"

The Frantic Flattops, "Juke Joint's Jumpin'"

Guy Frasseto, "Ma vie Scopitone" (French)

Larry Fuller Band, "My Juke Box Hero"

Lowell Fulson, "Juke Box Shuffle"

Serge Gainsbourg, "Je claque des doigts devant le Jukebox" (French)

Bill Gale and his Globe Trotters, "Jumping Juke Box"

Rory Gallagher, "Juke Box Annie"

Hen Gates & His House Rockers, "Juke Box Rock"

Sheila Geer, "The Lady in the Jukebox"

Son Geezinslaw, "The Hounted Jukebox"

Mickey Gilley, "Jukebox Argument"

The Ginger Snaps (with Orchestra), "Juke Box Joe"

Ernie Givens, "Jukebox Jumpin'"

Philip Glass, "Hydrogen Jukebox"

The Glitter Band, "Jukebox Queen"

Gogogo Airheart, "Jukebox Capitol"

G'nu Fuz, "Hydrogen Jukebox"

Willie Goodson, "Put a Nickel in the Jukebox"

Leo Gosnell & The Drifters, "Juke Joint Honey"

Michael Dee Graham, "If the Jukebox Took Teardrops"

Grand Drive, "Jukebox"

Michael Graves, "Tears on the Jukebox"

Boy Green, "Play My Jukebox"

Allen Greenfield, "Jukebox Hula"

Clinton Gregory, "A-11"

Clinton Gregory, "The Jukebox Has A-45"

Ken Griffin, "The Juke Box Polka"

Henry Gross, "Juke Box Song"

Patti Guesch, "Scopitone"

Bonnie Guitar, "Love by the Jukebox Light"

The Gypsy Troubadours, "Another Jukebox"

Bill Haley & The Comets, "Juke Box Cannon Ball"

Bill Haley & The Saddlemen, "Juke Box Cannon Ball"

Bill Haley (& The Comets), "The Old Juke Box"

Tom T. Hall, "Hello, I'm a Jukebox"

Tom T. Hall & Earl Scrugges, "There ain't no Country Music on this Jukebox"

Bill Hamilton, "Juke Box Baby"

Lesley Hamilton, "My Jukebox Baby"

Wayne Hancock, "Juke Joint Jumping"

James Hand, "In the Corner, at the Table, by the Jukebox"

Françoise Hardy, "Juke Box" (French)

Harmany Brothers, "Jukebox Baby"

Harmany Brothers, "Jukebox Jessie"

Freddie Hart, "Juke Joint Boogie"

Hardrock Gunter, "Juke Box, Help Me Find My Baby"

Bruce Haynes, "Unplug the Jukebox"

Hawkshaw Hawkins, "Put a Nickel in the Jukebox"

Haywains, "Jukebox"

David Heavener, "Put in a Quarter"

Mike Henderson, "If the Jukebox Took Teardrops"

Herb & Kay, "Juke Box Jig"

Woody Herman, "Jukin'"

Ted Herold, "Jukebox, Jeans, Rock'n'Roll"

Het Cocktail Trio, "Wie heeft de sleutel van de juke-box gezien?" (Dutch)

Hi-Flyers with Sheldon Bennett, "Juke Box Jump"

Bobby Hicks, "Juke Joint Hop"

Margot Hielscher, "Für Zwei Groschen Musik" (German)

The Highliners, "Don't Rock the Jukebox"

Donna Hightower, "Rock-Ola Blues"

Teddy Hill, "The Old Juke Box"

Tommy Hill, "Mr. Jukebox"

Becky Hobbs, "Jones on the Jukebox"

Lou(is) Hobbs, "Somebody Shot the Jukebox"

Lorenzo Holden, "Cry of the Wounded Juke Box"

Ken Holloway, "Unplug the Jukebox"

Hollywood Blue Jays, "Put a Quarter in the Jukebox"

Home Cooking, "Jukebox Graveyard"

The Hornettes, "Juke-Box"

David Hughes (with Virgil Brawley), "Last of the Mississippi Jukes" (also title of a documentary, 2003)

The Hy-Flyers, "The Juke Box Jump"

The Imperials, "A Prayer and a Jukebox"

Alan Jackson, "Don't Rock the Jukebox"

Rebbie Jackson, "Play Me, I'm a Juke Box"

The Jackson 5, "Joyful Jukebox Music"

Harry James, "Juke Box Jamboree"

Winston James, "Music Box Dancer"

Janine, "Vor meiner Jukebox" (German)

Big Jeff, "Juke Box Boogie"

Big Jeff & The Radio Playboys, "Juke Box Boogie"

Waylon Jennings, "The Wurlitzer Prize"

The Jivin' Rascals, "Jukebox Baby"

De John Sisters, "The Juke Box Polka"

Ricki Lee Jones, "Juke Box Fury"

Benny Joy, "Rollin' the Juke Box Rock"

The Juvies, "Jukebox Jill"

Hal Kadder, "Turn the Juke Box Up Louder"

Kitty Kallen with Harry Geller & His Orchestra, "Juke Box Annie"

Ronny Keenan, "Juke Box Queen"

Peter D. Kelly, "Rock to the Juke Box"

Chubby Kemp, "Juke Box Boogie"

Kenny & The Longriders, "The Juke Box Special"

George Kent, "Hello, I'm a Jukebox"

Peter Kent, "B7 on the Jukebox"

Stan Kenton & His Orchestra (with Helen Huntley), "Jammin' in the Panoram" (16mm Soundie made 1942)

The Kids, "(The) Jukebox is Broken"

Kids in the Hall, "Jukebox"

Kimmik, "Jukeboxsang" (Danish)

Bob King, "Rockin' Juke Box"

Pee Wee King & His Golden West Cowboys, "Juke Box Blues"

The King Rats, "Rollin' the Juke Box Rock"

Willie King, "Jukin' at Bettie's"

The Kingsmen, "Just a ‘B’ side (in the JukeBox)" (Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz, 1969)

The Kinks, "Juke Box Music"

KMFDM, "Juke-Joint Jezebel"

Carl Knight, "Hello Jukebox"

Maria Koterbska, "Do grającej szafy grosik wrzuć" (Polish)

Dieter Kropp & The Fabulous Barbecue Boys, "Juke Joint Johnny"

Lucky La Rue, "Let the Jukebox Play"

Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs, "The Devil’s in the Jukebox"

Rope Ladder, "Song from the Jukebox"

Landslaget, "Den gamla jukeboxen" (Swedish)

Cpl. Ziggy Lane with Orchestra, "Jumping to the Jukebox"

Merv Lec, "Select any Single"

Dennis Lee (and Friends), "Juke Box Junkie"

Wilma Lee & Stony Cooper, "Don’t Play That Song on the Jukebox Tonight"

Danni Leigh, "If the Jukebox Took Teardrops"

Tommy Leonetti, "Three Heartaches for a Quarter"

Les Costa, "Juke-Box" (French)

Jerry Lee Lewis, "Jukebox"

Jerry Lee Lewis, "Jukebox Junkie"

Lindisfarne, "Juke Box Gypsy"

Little Anthony & The Imperials, "A Prayer and a Juke Box"

Little Gerhard, "Juke-Box-Baby"

Little Walter & His Night Cats, "Juke"

Bobby Lord, "Goodbye Jukebox"

Mark Lucas & The Badhats, "Jukebox Jury"

Joe Lutcher, "Rockola"

Lory Lynn, "Jukebox Jenny"

Вячеслав Mалежик (Vyacheslav Malezhik), "Музыкальный автомат (Music automat)" (Russian)

Artie Malvin & The Zig Zag, "Jukebox Baby"

Barbara Mandrell, "I'll Be Your Jukebox Tonight"

Barry Manilow & Ronnie Milsap, "Put a Quarter in the Jukebox"

Russ Mann, "Hello Jukebox"

Wingy Manone & His Orchestra, "Juke Box Joe's"

The Marigolds, "Juke Box Rock'n'Roll"

The Marigolds, "Put a Nickel in the Jukebox"

Moon Martin, "Louisiana Jukebox"

The Martins, "Just a Little Joint (with a Jukebox)"

James Mask, "Let the Juke Box Die"

Matchbox, "Rock the Box"

Leon McAuliffe, "Jukebox"

Charlie McCoy, "Juke"

Luke McDaniel, "Nickels and Dimes"

Chas McDevitt, "Juke Box Jumble"

Carl McDonald, "Turn the Juke Box Up Louder"

John McNicholl, "Play the Jukebox"

Me First, "Jukebox Hero"

Alfred Meier, "Musikbox mit Ohren" (German)

Ken Mellons, "Juke Box Junkie"

Jerry Merritt, "Jukebox Fever"

Ginny Millay, "Jukebox on the Moon"

Eddie Miller Orchestra, "Juke Box Annie"

Glenn Miller Orchestra, "Juke Box Saturday Night"

David Mills, "There's a Song on the Juke Box"

Tommy Mitchell, "Juke Box, Help Me Find My Baby"

The Modernaires, "Juke Box Saturday Night"

The Modernaires, "New Juke Box Saturday Night"

The Modernaires, "Put Some Money in the Juke Box"

The Monograms, "Juke Box Cha Cha"

Johnny Moore's Three Blazers, "Juke Box Lil"

Joyce Moore, "Don’t Play Number Ten (On the Juke-Box Tonight)"

Lattie Moore, "Juke Box Johnnie"

Lattie Moore, "Juke Joint Johnny"

Max Moore, "Old Time Juke Box"

Merrill Moore, "Rock-Rock Ola"

Wayne Morse, "Turn the Juke Box Up Louder"

The Movies, "Juke Box"

MTV, "Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime)"

Werner Müller & RIAS Tanzorchester, "Die Musikbox"

Michael Martin Murphey, "Jukebox"

Pete Nantz, "Juke Box Pearl"

New Bomb Turks, "Jukebox Lean"

Wayne Newton, "Little Jukebox"

Olivia Newton-John, "Please Mr., Please (don't play B-17)"

Nino & The Ebb Tides, "Juke Box Saturday Night"

NRBQ, "Big Dumb Jukebox"

Number Nine, "The Jukebox Has Found a Friend"

Mayf Nutter, "Who Dat On Da Juke Box"

Dunja Olander, "Papa, Kauf' mir eine Musik-Box" (German)

Hazy Osterwald Sextett, "In der Miu-, in der Miu-, in der Miusik-Box" (German)

Ottawan, "Fais chanter le juke-box" (French)

Buck Owens, "Put a Quarter in the Jukebox"

Vernon Oxford, "Brother Jukebox"

Pam & Maggie, "Jukebox Dancing"

Paola, "Juke Box"

Scott Partridge, "Jukebox in the Honky Tonk"

Ellis Paul, "Jukebox on My Grave"

Johnny Paycheck, "A-11"

Johnny Paycheck, "Jukebox Charlie"

Johnny Paycheck, "Meanest Jukebox in Town"

Penguin Cafe Orchestra, "Southeren Jukebox Music"

Perfect Stranger, "Even the Jukebox Can't Forget"

Carl Perkins, "Let the Jukebox Keep on Playing"

Bob Perry, "Juke Box"

Ron Perry, "Irene, The Queen of the Juke Box Machine"

Phenomena, "Jukebox"

Carl Phillips, "Mem'ries for a Dime"

J. D. Phillips, "Smokin' Johnny Jukebox"

Pilots in Paris, "Jukebox Scenario"

Gene Pitney, "If I didn't have a dime (to play the Jukebox)"

The Platters, "Juke Box Saturday Night"

Plone, "Press a Key"

Archie Poe, "Juke Box Julie"

Bodie Powell, "Turn Up the Jukebox"

Pretty Pink (Danish group), "Jukebox"

PuGe, "Melancholy Jukebox"

Lea Purcell, "The man That Wound the Jukebox"

Eddie Rabbitt, "Is There a Country Song on the Jukebox?"

Eddie Rabbitt, "Two Dollars in the Jukebox"

The Radiators, "Johnny Jukebox"

Rolf Raggenbass, "Danke, Tante Jukebox" (German)

Rolf Raggenbass, "Thank You, Mr. Jukebox"

Johnny Ramistella, "Juke Joint Johnnie" [unissued]

Leonard Raphael (Nipper), "Confessions of a Juke Box"

Margie Rayburn, "Play #10 on the Jukebox"

Rayment, "The Holy Juke Box"

Jaques Raymond, "Juke Box Twist"

Chris Rea, "Paint My Jukebox Blue"

Del Reeves, "A Dime at a Time"

Jack Reno, "Juke Box"

Retail Page, "Jukebox Jenny"

The Rhythm Rockers, "Juke Box, Help Me Find My Baby"

Teddy Rich, "Put a Nickel in the Juke Box"

Ricochet, "Don't Forget to Feed the Jukebox (While I'm Gone)"

Ingeborg Riehl, "Lied an die Jukebox" (German)

The Rituals, "Juke Box Saturday Night"

Riverside Trio, "Jukebox Baby"

Riverside Trio, "Juke Joint Johnny"

Rockin' Sidney, "Every Nickel, Every Dime"

Johnny Rod, "Juke Box, Help Me Find My Baby"

Gene Rodgers & The V's, "Juke Box Boogie"

Tommy Rodgers, "Juke Box Life"

Johnny Rodriguez, "Somethin' About a Jukebox"

Jesse Rogers, "Juke Box Cannon Ball"

Timmie Rogers & Al Russell Trio, "Drop Another Nickel in the Jukebox"

Bud Roman, "Juke Box Baby"

Linda Ronstadt, "Hey Mister, That's Me on the Jukebox"

Dr. Ross, "Juke Box Boogie"

Maria de Rossi, "Une piece dans le jukebox" (French)

Billy Joe Royal, "If the Jukebox Took Teardrops"

Rubettes, "Juke Box Jive"

Bill Ruff (with Herbie Layne's Orch. and Chorus), "Juke Box Baby"

Inga Rumpf, "Jukebox Palace"

The Saddle Dusters, "Who Put the Nickel in the Slot (Jukebox)"

Scandinavia, "Vår gamla Jukebox" (Norwegian)

Scientists, "Human Jukebox"

Tommy Scott & His Ramblers, "Juke Joint Girl"

Dick Seaton, "Juke Box Rock"

Johnny Seay, "Three Six Packs, Two Arms, and a Jukebox"

Jimmy Shaw, "Don't let the Jukebox Play"

Charlie Shearer, "The Jukebox Has A-45"

Sheila, "Devant le Jukebox" (French)

Shirley & Lee, "Somebody Put a Jukebox in the Study Hall"

Troy Shondell, "A Prayer and a Jukebox"

Shorty, "Jukebox Baby"

Silhouette in Color, "Jukebox Lady"

Casey Simmons & His Night Riders, "Juke Box Boogie"

Charlie Sisson, "Juke Box Man"

Skyhooks, "Jukebox in Siberia"

Lynard Skynard, "Down South Jukin'"

Lonnie Smithson, "Quarter in the Jukebox"

Joe South, "Juke Box"

Red Sovine, "Juke Joint Johnny"

Spiders, "A-1 in My Heart"

Joe Stampley, "The Jukebox Never Plays Home Sweet Home"

John Starling, "Brother Jukebox"

Lasse Stefans, "En slant i min Jukebox" (Swedish)

Michael Stewart Quartet, "Juke Box Baby"

Rusti Steel & The Tin Tax, "Jukebox, Help Me Find My Baby"

Rusti Steel & The Tin Tax, "Jukebox, Jukebox"

Ronald Stein, "Juke Box Jive"

Stereo Total, "Juke-Box Alarm"

Michael Stewart Quartett, "Juke Box Baby"

Charlie Stone, "Juke Box Cannon Ball"

Doug Stone, "A Jukebox with a Country Song"

Gail Storm, "Love by the Jukebox Light"

Mel Street, "My Friend, the Jukebox"

Henning Stærk, "Let's Turn Up the Jukebox"

Sugar Ray's Flying Fortress, "Jukebox"

Paul Sullivan, "Juke Joint Boogie"

Gene Summers, "Juke Box Memories"

The Sunshine Gal & Eddie Miller Orchestra, "Juke-Box"

Jimmy Swan / Cowboy Jim & His Range Riders, "Juke Joint Mama"

Sylvester's Juke Box (with Kim Larsen), "Juke Box" (Danish)

Ines Taddio & Erich Werner e la sua Orchestra, "Davanti al Juke-Box" (Italian)

Talking Juke Box, "The Talking Juke Box"

Santiago Tamura, "Let the Jukebox Keep on Playing"

Taurus (Danish group), "Jukebox"

Danny Tayler, "Playing the Jukebox"

Carmol Taylor, "Play the Saddest Song on the Jukebox"

James Taylor, "Hey Mister, That's Me on the Jukebox"

Chip Taylor (with Ghost Train), "Somebody Shoot Out the Jukebox"

The Temptations, "Mister Juke Box"

Tetka Ana, "Džuboks mama" (Serbian)

Richard Thompson, "Jerusalem on the Jukebox"

Sonny Thompson, "Juke Joint"

Mel Tillis, "Juke Box Man"

Dave Travis, "Jukebox Cadillac"

Trembling Blue Stars, "ABBA on the Jukebox"

Travis Tritt, "If Hell Had a Jukebox"

Ernest Tubb, "Mr. Jukebox"

Joe Turner, "The Joint Boogie"

Die Urbanos & das Orchester Ralph Dokin, "Man darf doch auf die Musikbox nicht schiessen" (German)

Francois Valery & Sophie Marceau, "Le coeur juke box" (French)

Alan Vega, "Jukebox Babe"

Jean Vincent, "Gene's on the Jukebox"

Son Volt, "Jukebox of Steel"

Happy Wainwright, "Juke Box Rock" [unissued]

The Waiters, "Jukebox"

Billy Walker, "Unplug the Jukebox"

Nancy Walker, "Just a Little Joint with a Juke Box"

Chris Wall, "God's Own Jukebox"

Li'l Wally, "Juke Box Cheer"

Wally & Don, "Just Play the Jukebox"

The Wankers, "Rock Around the Jukebox"

Reggie Ward & His Sons of Texas, "Juke Box Baby"

Ozzie Warlock and the Wizards, "Juke Box Fury"

Waterfront Home, "Play That Jukebox"

Pat Waters, "Song on the Jukebox"

Gene Watson, "The Jukebox Played Along"

Dale Wayne, "Juke Box Hop"

Dallas Wayne, "Bouncin' Beer Cans Off The Jukebox"

Dallas Wayne, "Tell It To The Jukebox"

Alfie Weatherbee, "49 Juke Boxes"

Kitty Wells, "I Heard the Jukebox Playing"

Joey Weltz, "Jukebox Jive"

Sonny West, "Rock-Ola Ruby"

Onie Wheeler, "Jump Right Out of This Juke Box"

Wade White, "Turn Up the Jukebox"

Keith Whitley, "Brother Jukebox"

Ray Whitley, "Juke Box Cannon Ball"

Hank Williams Jr., "Lyin' Jukebox"

Hank Williams Jr., "Stoned at the Jukebox"

The Willis Brothers, "Gonna Buy Me a Jukebox"

Dave Willis, "There's a Song on the Jukebox"

Luke Wills’ Rhythm Busters, "A Nickel in the Jukebox"

Jesse Winchester, "God's Own Jukebox"

Sue Winford, "Love by the Jukebox Light"

Daniel J. Woods, "Turn On the Jukebox"

Reggie Word, "Juke Box Baby"

Jimmy Work, "That's What Makes the Jukebox Play"

Wayne Worley, "There's a Song on the Juke Box"

Link Wray, "Juke Box Mama"

Johnny Wright, "Nickels, Quarters, and Dimes"

Jim Wynn's Bobalibans, "Juke Box Jumps the Blues"

Faron Young, "I Heard That Jukebox Playing"

Rex Zario, "Juke Box Cannon Ball"

The Zirkons, "Juke Box Saturday Night"


There are without doubt other recordings unknown to the editor of this site, and you are of course welcome to send information about the unlisted you know. The record collector Bodo Nies in Germany and also collector Sergey S. Atrashkov in Russia have provided the editor with quite a few new record titles and the editor thanks both of them for sharing the information.

Gert J. Almind

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