Funding and the Future


In the years 2001-2006 grants for the non-commercial archivesˈ historic research were provided by the foundations Kopifon and Filmkopi, but further minor grants may be needed to follow up on specific jukebox related historic matters, and to secure the archivesˈ holdings. Minor grants always welcome.


Unfortunately, it is necessary to look at the future of the archives, and to find new researchers to continue the work due to health problems of the editor, and as a result the archives ought to be transferred or sold to a museum or big-time collector in Europe. The price of a transfer or sale is not considered yet, but the editor is open for discussion. Also the collection of miniature and toy jukeboxes, which by the way is still growing, will be for sale as one lot to a museum in Europe. Please contact the editor if you should be interested. The reference library including the miniature collection is property of the editorˈs family.