Funding for Historic Research


In the years 2001-2006 grants were provided by the Danish foundations Kopifon and Filmkopi for the non-commercial archivesí historic research, but further grants are needed to follow up on specific jukebox related historic matters, and to secure the archivesí holdings. In the year 2016 the editor is in serious need of funding for about 400 new acid free boxes for the documents, and also in need of funding for a few fireproof steel cabinets.

Minor donations to preserve jukebox historic documents and photos would be much appreciated by the editor. The association Coin-O-Phone World provides funds for the private reference library Dansk Jukeboxhistorisk Arkiv, and funds for the update of this website owned by International Coin-Op Phono Record. Advertising banners are not well suited for this historic website, but it is reasonable of course to mention a donorís name on the welcoming page.



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Celebrating Danish Jukebox Archivesí 30 Years Anniversary

1985 - 2015