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About the Editor

Gert J. Almind was born on the 28th May, 1958, in a small town in Jutland, Denmark, and it was in that same hometown he first saw a Wurlitzer 2304 jukebox in the spring 1966. He did not play a jukebox until six years later, in the summer 1972, at a camping site near the Danish German border. It was a Wurlitzer 2504, and the tune he selected was "It Don't Come Easy", one of George Harrison's big hits of that year (released late in December, 1971, with vocals by Richard Starkey alias Ringo Starr). After that day more than a decade would pass before Gert J. Almind got in touch with Olle Dahlbäck in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, who published a limited edition booklet with pictures of most jukeboxes available on the European market in the 1950's and 60's. Olle Dahlbäck, who owned two old jukeboxes of Danish origin, really sparked off Gert J. Almind's interest in jukeboxes and their cultural history, and he began as a hobby to carry out research particularly on the Danish jukebox heritage. Gert J. Almind was the only promoter of the non-commercial reference library Dansk Jukeboxhistorisk Arkiv in the autumn 1985, and since then he has been unable to let go of the historic studies.

"What is life without a hobby?"

Website created in the autumn 1998.