Danish Jukebox Archives

Dänisches Musikboxen Archiv
Archives Danoises du Jukebox
Deens Jukebox Archief
Dansk Jukeboxhistorisk Arkiv

G. J. Almind

Est. 1985

The information on this website is based on the documents in the non-commercial, private reference library Dansk Jukeboxhistorisk Arkiv, of which the objective is to collect and preserve historic information, sales brochures, advertising material, original factory and on location photos, patent reprints, service manuals etc. relating to the American nickel-in-the-slot machines, European coin-op gramophones, automatic multi-selection phonographs, and the modern style pre- and post-war jukeboxes, and to the audio/visual coin-op music machines of European and American origin.

The historic sections on this website contain information mainly related to the most important American and European manufacturers and designers, but also a lot of other minor manufacturers in America, Europe, Japan, and Australia, are known and their products treasured by jukebox collectors worldwide. Further historic information including a wealth of jukebox pictures can be found via the favourite links below.

Jukebox Historic Research - An International Affair

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Selected Jukebox Company Stories

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Lots of people like to hear an organ,
Others like a swing band, so they say.
People go to Carnegie for classics,
but I love to hear a juke box play.

I Want A Nickel For The Juke Box"
Words and Music
David Roth and Seymour Lee